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To call Foam Brewers ‘eclectic’ would be an understatement. Newly opened in April 2016 by a trio of beer lovers with unique talents and a shared vision for all things foamy (literally), their main focus is on brewing up sudsy seasonal ales like saisons, IPAs and wheat beers, but will rotate in darker brews during the cooler months, along with batches of kombucha made in-house and cold-brewed coffee on nitro tap. (We told you eclectic was an understatement!)

Todd Haire is a former head brewer at nearby Switchback Brewing, where he met Foam cofounders-to-be, Sam Keane and Robert Grim. Haire and Grim spearheaded Switchback’s pilot beer program, while Keane worked as a production brewer. Before joining Switchback, Haire spent 13 years at Magic Hat Brewing in South Burlington, where he also rose to head brewer, so these guys have every aspect of brewing covered!

Though the Foam trio’s combined experience is largely at production breweries, Haire says most of the suds brewed on Foam’s seven-barrel system will be consumed on site rather than being channeled into the local draft-beer distribution pipeline, making it a true neighborhood spot for freshly-brewed foamy delights.

Foam’s liquid offerings are paired with a modest seasonal menu of local cheeses, artisanal charcuterie (some of it even made in-house), fresh bread and house-fermented vegetables. The last plays into one of co-founder Todd Haire’s obsessions. “I’m kind of a geek when it comes to fermented things,” he says. And we can tell you that nothing pairs better with toasted hops and malts than fermented veggies. (Trust us on this one. You’ll never look at vegetables the same.)

During the warmer months, Foam Brewers will take advantage of their waterfront location by adding a pit-roasted barbecue and house-smoked meats to their offerings. Join us as we pick this creative crew’s brain on what inspires their delicious brews and why foam matters.


112 Lake St
Burlington, VT 05401


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