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Since you can’t visit Willy Wonk’s chocolate factory, Magic Hat Brewing Company is the next best thing. Established in 1994, Magic Hat embodies similar characteristics and values as its fictional brethren, and you’ll definitely feel like a kid in a candy store as you tour their facility. Like one of those gelatin-encased sponge animals you drop in warm water (oh, you remember them), the Magic Hat Brewery has been constantly expanding and taking on new shapes. On this tour, you’ll taste an array of their top-selling craft beers as you watch the new bottle line where bottles rush to be filled with fresh social lubrication. (We know you’ll be ‘hoppy’ about that. Cut us some slack, that joke is fitting for a wacky wonderland like Magic Hat!) In addition to the sipping and scurrying around their magical space, Magic Hat’s sampler bar will satisfy all your senses with a symphony of stimulating seasonal and flagship brews that will sure to send you into a stir! Join us for an beer adventure unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before.


5 Bartlett Bay Rd
South Burlington, VT 05403


Classic Brew Tour, Pub Crawl Brew Tour


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Reopening on 6/19/21. Book your tour now!