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Brew Year’s Resolutions

Several years ago, I swore off New Year’s resolutions as shallow, vain attempts at pretending to be a better person for a few weeks and then ultimately circling back around to the comforting familiarity of base, animalistic desires. I’ve since learned that I’m a terrible, cynical person, and there are a wealth of ways in which we can make sincere, gradual efforts to improve ourselves. Basically, just because most of the people in my social circle are complete, utter failures doesn’t mean everyone else has to be.

Merry New Years
Merry New Years

The stereotypical New Year’s resolution almost always involves some combination of working out, eating better, and losing weight. Most of us wish we had the fortitude to lead a healthier lifestyle and what better time to start than a brand new year? After all, we’re enduring the crushing sadness of a dark, wet winter. The temptation to stay inside the house, eat nothing but cheese (especially if it’s melted onto a pizza), and drink until we pass out is never stronger. Perhaps I’m projecting a bit, but I don’t think I’m alone in finding it most difficult to stay fit when the days are short and the seasonal beer is strong.

Speaking of beer, if I were promised some brews at the end of a walk, or even a run, I might feel compelled to engage in those healthy activities more frequently. Maybe, and I’m just spitballing here, maybe if my running were to start and end at a brewery, with beer, friends, food, and other fun activities, I’d make something of a habit out of it. Fortunately, some other fine Oregonians already thought of this and founded the Oregon Brewery Running Series.

2019’s brewery running events will kick off on January 19th at the Oregon Historical Society, featuring free beer samples, snacks, games, giveaways, and a free tour of the brand new exhibit, “Barley, Barrels, Bottles, & Brews: 200 Years of Oregon Beer.” The full season will feature 20 total events for you to get both your run and your drink on.

The 5k fun runs are untimed and family-friendly. You can also just walk. You totally don’t have to run. Registration and ticketing info can be found here.

We love all things craft here at BREWVANA, and we want to help you become a better craft beer drinker in 2019. Here are some Brew Year’s Resolutions to consider:

  • Drink local handcrafted beer – Wherever the year may take you, drink beer brewed by local experts.
  • Drink only after you’ve exercised or eaten a vegetable – I don’t know how else I’m going to eat more vegetables (celery with hot wings doesn’t count, but it’s better than nothing).
  • Try a new style each week – Mixed cultures, lambics, India pale lagers, wild ales, etc. There’s so much great beer out there that you might be missing out on.
  • Make a list of beers to try before you go to a festival – Don’t just wing it, plan carefully so that you can get the most out of those drink tokens. Go to a damn festival. If you live in Portland, you have no excuse.
  • Bring a friend on a beer tour for a VIP experience – You may know the ins and outs of all your local favorite spots, but a seasoned BREWVANA tour guide can show you so much more.
  • Celebrate your birthday with beer – Lots of beer. Lots of different kinds of year. You’re on a rock in space flying around a star. Live it up!
  • Pour your beer into a glass – This is, after all, the proper way to drink beer. Or at the very least, use a damn koozie when drinking from a can.
  • Use appropriate glassware – Do your research! Different styles are best presented in different kinds of glassware.
  • Take three sips before forming an opinion – The first sip readies your palate, the second will be a more accurate taste, and the third will make or break it.
  • Use more descriptive language when describing beer, aside from just “light” or “hoppy” – What about it is light? Flavor? Alcohol content? What kind of “hoppy” are you talking about? Is it dank? Citrusy? Earthy?

Here’s to a new, better year for you and your beer! Cheers!