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Hoppy Golden

Brewvana turns 8 on the 8th

This is always a special time of year for me. Facebook reminds me about what I was doing in years past and the anniversary of BREWVANA‘s first tour is one of them that is approaching rapidly. We just participated in our ninth Zwickelmania that was the first time BREWVANA buses were on the road but April 8 will be there a year anniversary of our first tour ever!

I will never forget that tour. It was the best. Most of the people that joined our first tour I had known for years- they were there to support me in my new endeavor! We started the day at Cascade barrel house with sour beers. I was so anxious and excited but didn’t have a ton of beer knowledge or any prepared information to share except for the Brewery info and the beers name and description that we were tasting, we’ve surely come a long way in the information we provide on stop 1 especially. This was our “behind-the-scenes” tour so at every location we went to, we got to actually see the brewery- it was really a cool tour! Our second stop was Buckman Botanical Brewery which was at the Green Dragon now known as the Rogue Pub & Pilot Brewery. We got a behind-the-scenes tour there and tasted more beer. My hero Lisa Morrison was sitting at the bar when we were leaving and we talked her into hopping on the bus with us and joining us for the remainder of the day! Seriously a dream come true for me! Our third stop was Laurelwood we were all super hungry by that point. We tasted a bunch of beers on tap and were eating lunch while Lisa read excerpts from her book Craft Beers of the Pacific Northwest! I was in heaven.

At the time Chad Kennedy was the brewmaster at Laurelwood and Shane Watterson was a cellarman, current owner & brewmaster at Level Beer. Which is cool because that’s where we are having our anniversary party this year! Shane wore the hop hat in the freezer while Chad found the very special Limited edition bottles to share with our guests in the freezer at the Laurelwood I mean cooler. It was a really awesome experience. Last we went to upright brewing which is in the basement of a professional building. Such a cool experience after the tour I drop the guests off we did a really awesome group photo and then went to Lisa Morrisson‘s house where we drink beer off of her kitchen kegerator. I don’t think the tour first tour ever could’ve been better. I got to drink then and celebrate! It was a great time for everyone!

Monday, April 8, 2019, we will be celebrating eight years! Please join us!

WHO: Everyone, family-friendly

WHAT: Hoppy Golden (Level + BREWVANA collaboration beer) on tap, $5 beer with a commemorative glass, a raffle to benefit Oregon Wild, activities for kids and shenanigans

WHEN: Monday, April 8th, 2019 4-7 pm

WHERE: Level Beer 5211 NE 148th Street

WHY: Because 8 years is an accomplishment – let’s party!