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Hoppy Hanukkah Craft Beer Box


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Give 8 crazy nights of suds and smiles to the craft beer lovers in your life! You won’t find a more perfect holiday gift than our boxed Hanukkah Craft Beer Experience. This box includes 8 individual craft beers each placed under a number for each of the 8 nights of Hanukkah.

Each night your gift recipient will discover one of our favorite beers from breweries across the country and then be able to join us online for interactive appraisal and discussion about that night’s brew with our panelist of beer experts and special guests. We’ve also sprinkled brewery swag, gelt, and other fun beer and holiday-themed gifts throughout the box! Beer styles will range from hazy New England IPAs to creamy Stouts and boozy Belgians. Now that we’re thinking about it, you may want to go ahead and get one for yourself so you can join the festivities alongside your recipient too!

Someone 21 years of age or older must purchase and receive the Hoppy Hanukkah Craft Beer Box. An adult signature is required upon delivery. Due to state alcohol laws, we cannot ship to the following states: AK, AL, AR, DE, HI, MD, MS, NC, WV.

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What’s Included?
  • The Hanukkah Craft Beer Box features 8 different styles of craft beer to explore from some of our favorite breweries throughout the country.
  • On each of the 8 nights, recipients can tune into a live stream on social media with one of our beer experts and other craft beer lovers for an interactive discussion on that day’s beer.
  • Each box also includes brewery swag, chocolate, bottle opener, and other holiday-themed tchotchkes.
Product Information
  • Box contains 8 cans of craft beer of different varieties and styles
  • Heavyweight, full-color holiday box design
  • 12 ¼ x 6 x 6 ½ inches
  • Features 8 perforated access windows on the top for Advent calendar-style opening

WARNING: Products that contain alcohol according to the State of California can cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm, pursuant to California Health & Safety Code §§ 25249.7(a) & (d)(1), ( ie. Proposition 65 Warning).

Subscription Options

Weight 170 oz
Dimensions 14 × 10 × 8 in

Shipping Details

  • The holiday box is safely packed in a plain brown shipping box and shipped by a common carrier.
  • This product contains alcohol and cannot be shipped to the following US states AK, AL, AR, DE, HI, MD, MS, NC, WV.
  • No alcoholic beverages can be shipped outside the United States.
  • Someone 21 years of age or older must purchase and receive the Holiday Craft Beer Box. An adult signature is required upon delivery.


What do you mean by “experience?” Isn’t this just a box of craft beer?

It’s much more than a box of beer. Each night, the recipient will open up that night’s beer, then go online to join City Brew Tours’ expert beer guides for a live-streamed appraisal and discussion of that beer style.


Which beers come in the box?

We’ve hand-selected the beers included in our Holiday Craft Beer Experiences from some of our favorite breweries across the country. Though specific beers will vary, boxes will always contain a wide range of beer styles. The Hanukkah Experience contains 8 craft beers for 8 crazy nights (online content starts the evening of December 10).


How will the recipient know how the box works?

Every box will ship with a set of instructions explaining the concept and directing them to our live streams.


How does the box ship?

Each box is safely packed inside a plain shipping box and shipped by a common carrier. Someone 21 years of age or older must purchase and receive the Holiday Craft Beer Box. An Adult Signature is required upon delivery.


Where do you ship?

We ship to every continental US state we’re able to. We are unable to ship to AK, AL, AR, DE, HI, MD, MS, NC, WV due to state legislative restrictions, but you can buy the box to fill on your own. We cannot ship beer internationally.


When will my order ship?

Pre-orders will ship in November. Orders placed after Nov 15 will be processed and shipped in the order they come in, between 3-5 business days.


How much will shipping cost?

Shipping will be calculated at checkout based on location.


Does someone need to be present when my Holiday Craft Beer Box is delivered?

Yes. Someone 21 or older will need to present a valid photo ID upon delivery of all Holiday Craft Beer Boxes.


Will you cut off sales at any point?

If we have any stock left as the holidays near, we will have to cut off sales to ensure all shipments make it on time. However, we have limited stock and anticipate both holiday boxes selling out!


What if I have an issue with my order?

For questions related to shipping, contact support@citybrewtours.com or call 888-623-8687