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3 recipes delivered to your door.


Over the next 3 months your subscription includes delivery of ingredients for a new recipe each month. Each batch makes one case (2.5 gallons) and every month will be a new beer style with step by step instructions!

In the first week of each month you will receive a new custom-designed recipe, curated for your experience level. Your delivery will include all of the fermentables, hops, and yeast necessary to make a delicious 2.5 gallon brew in your own kitchen. After the first few batches you’ll be ready to brew next-level recipes so you might want to consider the 6 month subscription where your recipes automatically step up to the next experience level at the appropriate time, so you can just keep on brewing.

Each quarter one of our expert beer guides hosts a live webinar where you can learn about an advanced topic in brewing. Topics include discussions of dry-hopping, yeast health, recipe formulation, water quality and more. The 3 month subscription guarantees you will get to attend one of these lessons.

Not sure which experience level to start with?

Beginner: You haven’t brewed from start to finish on your own before. These recipes will be malt extract recipes with specialty grains for steeping. They are suitable for brewing on your kitchen stove and produce 2.5 gallons (one case) of beer when finished.

Intermediate: You’ve brewed using extract at least 3-4 times before with results you enjoyed. These recipes are still based on malt extract but contain more complex steps such as dry hopping or using more precise combinations of specialty grains. They also include liquid yeast.

Advanced:  You have brewed several times before and feel you are ready to step up to brew-in-a-bag recipes with a mash of 100% all grain.

Subscription Options

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