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This family-owned business is fueled by a profound passion and a mastery of skills dedicated to crafting beers that captivate your taste buds. Anchored in a commitment to excellence, they utilize top-notch ingredients to produce beers of unparalleled quality. The journey began in the heart of family traditions – at barbecues, graduations, and family weddings. However, the turning point occurred in 2012 when Co-owner Peter emerged victorious in the Samuel Adams “Come Brew With Us” contest, catapulting their hobby into a professional venture. Collaborating with industry professionals on a larger scale, Peter unearthed the uniqueness of his creations. The realization of a dream took shape in 2012 when Peter and his wife, Ann, discovered the ideal Cape Cod location. In that moment, the vision materialized, and “Barnstable Brewing” came into existence.


485 West Main Street
Hyannis, MA 02062


Barnstable Brewing

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