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City Brew Tours offers unforgettable all-inclusive tours and beer-focused experiences in some of the best beer cities throughout North America. With over a decade of experience, City Brew Tours has created the ultimate craft beer experience that blends history, beer knowledge, transportation, and great food with unrivaled access to an area’s top breweries and their beer.

Our mission is to be the leading curator of craft beer experiences for visitors, locals, and the community as both an ambassador and an advocate for the brewing industry.


Where we began


City Brew Tours was founded in Burlington, Vermont in 2008 by Chad Brodsky, a college kid who had fallen in love with craft beer while studying in Vienna. Thirsting for more, he returned home and enrolled in the University of Vermont’s “Beer Making 101” class. Fortunately, Chad quickly realized he wasn’t cut out to brew beer. Instead he bought a used church van, put on his lederhosen, and set off to spread the gospel of craft beer.

Chad’s timing was perfect. MSNBC had recently pronounced Burlington the fourth best beer city in the world, and Americans were starting to get a taste for craft beer. Vermont Pub and Brewery founder, Greg Noonan, was the first to open his doors to the new business, and Burlington Brew Tours was born. At the tender age of 21, Chad became the first to establish a brewery tour company on the East Coast.

Burlington Brew Tours became well known for its unique tours led by beer geeks who doubled as designated drivers. By 2012 Chad had perfected his business model. He left his full-time job in finance and opened a second location in Boston. With tours running in two cities, Chad changed the company’s name to “City Brew Tours” and set off to add more locations.

By the end of 2017, Chad was juggling operations in five cities and needed help. Enter Barry Hansen, Jr., a professional brewer and part time City Brew Tours beer guide who was instrumental in launching operations in Washington, DC a couple years prior. Barry grew into the role of COO, became co-owner and used his background in leadership, biotechnology and the brewing industry to streamline logistics and expand the company.

With Barry on board, City Brew Tours grew quickly. The company opened three new locations and launched a franchising program in a span of just two years. 

As of at the close of 2022, City Brew Tours operates in 17 cities and continues to expand. The year 2022 saw the launch of three new locations: Salt Lake City, UT; Jersey Shore, NJ; and Austin, TX. With more locations coming soon, don’t miss out on special announcements—sign up for the City Brew Tours newsletter.



Meet the Team


Chad Brodsky: Founder & CEO – Certified Cicerone®

Chad has always been an entrepreneur. As a child, he started businesses that ranged from convincing his peers to buy other people’s business cards to shoveling his neighbors’ driveways. Chad decided to buy his brother a Mr. Beer kit for his birthday as he thought it would be a great brother bonding experience. The first beer they ever brewed was a Nut Brown Ale, which didn’t turn out great. Between homebrewing with his brother and spending a semester studying in Austria, Chad’s passion and excitement for flavorful beer grew immensely. Still not knowing much about craft beer except that he loved drinking it, he enrolled in “Beer Making 101”, an elective which was offered at University of Vermont. After graduating, Chad took a job as a Financial Analyst at a local bank but realized his entrepreneurial spirit was stifled. In 2012, Chad decided to leave his finance job and move to Boston to focus on growing CBT full time. It was in Boston that Chad met his wife, Liana. When not beer touring, Chad enjoys taking his dog, Oliver, to the park, traveling, and trying new types of food. 

Favorite Beers: Duchess de Bourgogne, Samuel Adams Boston Lager, Lost Nation Brewing – Gose, and any delicious Lactose IPA.

Todd Summers: Chief Innovation Officer

Todd’s favorite joke about his current job is that after getting his Master’s in Clinical Psychology he found a different cure for what ales you. Todd began with CBT as a private event coordinator, where his love for selling unforgettable events blossomed and continued to grow in his role as Sales Manager. Now as CBT’s Chief Innovation Officer, Todd’s goal is for everyone to experience one of our events. A native Chicagoan, Todd calls Vermont home where he can be found skiing, golfing, and waiting in line to buy beer with his wife and dogs Olive and Earl.

Favorite Beers: Fiddlehead – IPA, Foley Brothers – Pieces of Eight, Foam Brewers – Retrovertigo



Kalimah Mustafa-Widberg: Administrative Specialist

Kalimah is a purebred Bostonian with an affinity for cozying up with a warm porter on a crisp fall evening. She used to be one of the “I just don’t like the taste” beer-naysayers, but a sip of her first milk stout changed everything. Since then, she has embarked on an exciting journey through the wonderful world of craft beer, which lead her to join the City Brew Tours team in October 2017. Outside of her beer peregrination, you can always count on Kalimah for comic book recommendations and unsolicited lectures on honey bee anatomy.

Favorite Beers: Night Shift – Awake, Fishtown – The Pepper in the Rye, and pretty much everything by Dogfish Head.


Isaac Bell: Business Development Manager

Isaac is a citizen of the world but calls Maryland home. With a variety of accolades in graphic design, his thirst was never quenched. He quickly realized that being born with a beard was no medical mistake or miracle, just that he was destined for something beer related. Taking on the role of Business Development Manager, Isaac realized his calling was found, and now wants to bring a City Brew Tour to every city in the US!

Favorite Beers: Hellbender – Double Chazzwazzer, Green Man Brewery – Trickster IPA, Oliver Brewing Company – Burn the Candle & Creator/Destroyer.


Matt LaRosa: Sales & Development Specialist

Matt never met a beer he didn’t like. He developed a deep knowledge of the industry and a love for the culture and community surrounding beer while working as a sales representative for a beer distributor in the North Shore of Massachusetts. He joined the CBT team to launch our wholesale business and help clients create unforgettable moments during our craft beer experiences. In his spare time, you will find him tearing up the ski slopes, paddling on the closest body of water, or on the hunt for new beers and breweries wherever he travels.

Favorite Beers: Foam – Experimental Jet Set, Allagash – White, Founders – Breakfast Stout


Allie Popolow: Private Sales Coordinator

Allie is a proud Chicagoan, singer, pianist, classic rock enthusiast, and traveler. She used to think she never liked beers until the monumental day when the tasted her first sour beer, and is now always on the hunt to find the next best sour. With years of experience in the food and beverage industry, she is excited to bring curated craft beer experiences to clients that will create lasting memories and bring their event vision to life.

Favorite Beers: Revolution – Freedom of Speach and everything else sour




Alexa Connelly: HR Specialist

Alexa was born and raised just outside of Gettysburg, PA. Her love of beer started with West Coast IPA’s and slowly expanded overtime thanks to the amazing micro-breweries in her town. She loves connecting with people, so, decided to start her career in HR 10 years ago and never looked back. In her free time, Alexa loves to travel, hike, spend time with her kitties, and cook up the latest tiktok trending vegan food.


Favorite Beers: Mispillion River – Otter Space APA, Terrapin – Watermelon Gose, and Ecliptic Brewing – Starburst IPA


Customer Success

Emily Bolinger: Customer Success Manager

Emily grew up in Hollywood, FL, and her love of all things travel led her to pursuing a hospitality degree at Boston University. From there, Emily has worked in customer service in a variety of amazing places including The Ritz Hotel in London, Disneyland, and the Biltmore Estate. She currently lives in Asheville, NC, where she’s cultivated a love of craft beer in the amazing little city known locally as Beer City, USA. When she’s not working, Emily can be found playing video games, spending time with family, listening to music, and loving on her two cats, Johnny and Moira.

Favorite beers: Hawaiian Pizza Ships – Bhramari Brewing Co., Starchaser – Highland Brewing Co., Tropical Pineapple Cider – Flat Rock Cider Co.


Adrian Avalos: Customer Success Associate

Adrian was born and raised in El Paso, Texas, but has been living in Boston for over half a decade. Animals are one of Adrian’s biggest passions, having worked with horses, pigs, chickens, and even having his first job in New England at a doggy daycare! His free time is usually spent with his dog, Captain Sniffer, either outdoors, at a local brewery, or at home playing video games, watching shows, or making music. Originally, Adrian worked as a Beer Guide in Boston before joining the Customer Success team. He also has a mild gluten intolerance, which actively challenges him to homebrew delicious gluten-free beers!

Favorite beers: Ipswich Ale Brewery – Celia Saison, Omission Brewing – IPA, Bearmoose Brewing Co. – Illegal Pour, Aeronaut Brewing Co. – Robot Crush, Winter Hill Brewing Co. – Lunar Tune-up


Brian Franzoni: Marketing Managerbrian

Brian is a record collector, movie lover, photographer, gamer, avid Baltimore Ravens fan, and a proud husband and father. He is based out of Pittsburgh, PA. Brian fell in love with craft beer in college, hunting down desired brews and making whatever drive necessary to get them. He began curating his travels around popular brewery cities. He went to Burlington, VT on his engagement trip and Portland, OR for his Bachelor Party. You can find him drinking Hazy brews on his deck, surrounded by family and friends, playing corn hole, and listening to good music. 

Favorite Beers: Anything by Helltown Brewery and Insurrection Aleworks


Iain Oldman: Content Marketing Associate

Raised in the shadows of Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains, Iain has been a writer since he could hold a pencil. After playing in bad punk bands and finishing university, Iain landed in Austin, Texas, to work as a community newspaper reporter before jumping into the marketing world. His travels have taken him to tattoo parlors in Guadalajara, sun-drenched vineyards in Hill Country, Belgian EDM clubs and blueberry patches in the Laurentides. Iain discovered his love for craft beer at one of Virginia’s oldest craft beer bars in his hometown and has been sharing pints with friends ever since.

Favorite Beers: Jester King Le Petit Prince; De Koninck Bolleke; Beau’s Local Organic


Thom Roholt: Chief Operations Officer

Thom fell in love with Craft Beer while on a date in 1998. The story is one to be heard while on tour with him, but in the two decades since, he’s transformed that passion into a quest, a film, and finally a career. On August 15, 2015, he was part of a five-person team that set the record of going to 77 breweries in one day. The feat was chronicled on Twitter, was later made into a documentary called PDX: Brew City, and eventually led to this job.

Thom’s favorite beer is the one in front of him. He rarely drinks the same beer twice, but if he’s going back to the well it’s usually for a Deschutes Streaking the Quad, a pFriem IPA or a Four Play from Upright Brewing.


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