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City Brew Tours offers unforgettable all-inclusive tours and beer-focused experiences in some of the best beer cities throughout North America. With over a decade of experience, City Brew Tours has created the ultimate craft beer experience that blends history, beer knowledge, transportation, and great food with unrivaled access to an area’s top breweries and their beer.

Our mission is to be the leading curator of craft beer experiences for visitors, locals, and the community as both an ambassador and an advocate for the brewing industry.


Where we began


CBT was founded in Burlington, VT by Chad Brodsky in 2008. Chad was barely old enough to drink when he had purchased his first van on Craigslist for $3000 from a minister in NH. He had just returned from studying abroad in Vienna, where he was first exposed to the wonderful and eclectic world of craft beer. It was on this trip that he also purchased his first pair of lederhosen, which would become the original beer guide uniform.

With guidance from the late craft beer luminary, Greg Noonan, founder of Vermont Pub and Brewery, Chad was able to establish the first East Coast brewery tour company when he was 21. VPB would be the first brewery to open their doors to Burlington Brew Tours. The company received much notoriety for its unique tours that were led by beer geeks as designated drivers. After perfecting the business model in VT, Chad decided to leave his full-time job as a financial analyst in 2012 and open up Boston Brew Tours. With two cities under his belt, the name Burlington Brew Tours no longer made sense and it was changed to City Brew Tours.

Chad then expanded tour operations into other beer-drenched cities: Washington DC in 2014, Philadelphia in 2015, and Baltimore in 2016. It wasn’t until late 2017, when Chad could no longer manage the task of running 5 cities alone, that he brought on Barry Hansen Jr as his partner and COO to help streamline logistics and expand the company. Barry had been a part-time guide at City Brew Tours DC for 3 years prior to joining the executive team. Barry used his education in leadership and biotechnology to enter the brewing sector. He had brewed commercially at Capitol City Brewing Co. and Freedom Craft Brewery before joining City Brew Tours.

CBT continues to expand to other cities: Pittsburgh, PA in 2017 and most recently New York City in 2018. Click Here to see an up-to-date list of locations




Chad Brodsky

Founder & CEO – Certified Cicerone®

Chad has always been an entrepreneur. As a child, he started businesses that ranged from convincing his peers to buy other people’s business cards to shoveling his neighbors’ driveways. Chad decided to buy his brother a Mr. Beer kit for his birthday as he thought it would be a great brother bonding experience. The first beer they ever brewed was a Nut Brown Ale, which didn’t turn out great. Between home brewing with his brother and spending a semester studying in Austria, Chad’s passion and excitement for flavorful beer grew immensely. Still not knowing much about craft beer except that he loved drinking it, he enrolled in “Beer Making 101”, an elective which was offered at University of Vermont. After graduating, Chad took a job as a Financial Analyst at a local bank but realized his entrepreneurial spirit was stifled. In 2012, Chad decided to leave his finance job and move to Boston to focus on growing CBT full time. It was in Boston that Chad met his wife, Liana. When not beer touring, Chad enjoys taking his dog, Oliver, to the park, traveling, and trying new types of food. 

Chad believes the best way for a person to learn is through experiential education, which is what City Brew Tours is all about! Chad is always brainstorming new ideas on how to spread the gospel of craft beer to masses.

Favorite Beers: Duchess de Bourgogne, Samuel Adams Boston Lager, Lost Nation Brewing – Gose, and any delicious Lactose IPA.


Barry Hansen – Chief Operating Officer

Barry was a biomedical engineer when he decided to travel all the way to Australia for grad school. Coupling a Master’s in biotechnology and a Master’s in leadership, his true passion boomed upon return to the US driving him to start brewing professionally in New York followed by Washington, DC. As a part-time beer guide, while brewing in DC, Barry quickly saw the unique potential of CBT. He is now the company’s COO, and a founding board member of the Craft Beverage Tour Operators Association, on a self-driven ever-evolving quest: to be the top curator of craft beer experiences in the world.

Favorite Beers: Firestone Walker – Wookey Jack, Port City Brewing – Ways and Means, Jack’s Abby – Hoponius Union, and pretty much anything made by RaR.


Isaac Bell  – VP of Business Development

Isaac is a citizen of the world but calls Virginia home. With a variety of accolades in graphic design, his thirst was never quenched. He quickly realized that being born with a beard was no medical mistake or miracle, just that he was destined for something beer related. Taking on the role of VP of Business Development, Isaac realized his calling was found, and now wants to bring a City Brew Tour to every city in the US!

Favorite Beers: Hellbender – Double Chazzwazzer, Green Man Brewery – Trickster IPA, Oliver Brewing Company – Burn the Candle & Creator/Destroyer.


Kyle Lampe – Customer Success Manager

Kyle first discovered craft beer when a friend convinced him to partake in a mug challenge. This required him to drink 100 beers that this bar offered in 181 days. Needless to say, Kyle succeeded. When he is not drinking beer, he is writing music or planning his next home-brew. He wears many hats, but is the first line of support for operations across the company!

Favorite Beers: Jack’s Abby – Smoke & Dagger, Brooklyn – Sorachi Ace, and anything Lamplighter.


Danielle Fournier – Private Events Coordinator

Danielle is coming into her 2nd year as the private tour coordinator for the cities of Boston, Pittsburgh, Burlington/Stowe & the newly opened NYC. Danielle joins the CBT team after working in an athletic background – Harvard Water Polo, USA Rugby & UMass Lowell athletics in events/operations. She has a master’s degree in Sports Management from SNHU (2018) and a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology/Business from the University of New Hampshire (2014), where she was also a member of the women’s rugby team. She currently resides in Medford, MA where she enjoys visiting new breweries and making homemade flights for her friends, she also plays for the Boston Renegades Women’s Football team in her free time.

Favorite Beers: Mystic Brewery – Saison Renaud, Night Shift Brewing – Furth, Bent Water – Sluice Juice.


Todd  Summers  – Private Events Coordinator

Originally from Chicago, Todd attended college in Burlington, Vermont where his love for craft beer developed. He moved to Boston in 2017 after graduate school and joined CBT not long after! He orchestrates the sales of private tours and events in Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington, DC. When not doing brew tours things, he can be found chasing his dog around the South End of Boston, doing yoga, and eating and drinking with his loved ones.

Favorite Beers: Anything from Vermont! Lawson’s Finest Liquids – Sip of Sunshine, Magic Hat – Single Chair, Fiddlehead – IPA.



Kalimah Mustafa – Customer Service Specialist

Kalimah is a purebred Bostonian with an affinity for cozying up with a warm porter on a crisp fall evening. She used to be one of the “I just don’t like the taste” beer-naysayers, but a sip of her first milk stout changed everything. Since then, she has embarked on an exciting journey through the wonderful world of craft beer, which lead her to join the City Brew Tours team in October 2017. Outside of her beer peregrination, you can always count on Kalimah for comic book recommendations and unsolicited lectures on honey bee anatomy.

Favorite Beers: Night Shift – Awake, Fishtown – The Pepper in the Rye, and pretty much everything by Dogfish Head.

Choose a City

Good experience and way to check out some Boston breweries. The driver was knowledgeable and injected some good humor along the way.

Mark Smith

Mark Smith
13:46 10 Sep 17

The tour started off extremely well. We loved the first 2 places we went. The atmosphere was lively and fun. The dinner was more quiet and dark. We didn't like the last place that much at all. Most all of the tour group said they liked darker beers but most of the samples were lighter beers so that was disappointing. Our guide was fun but got quieter as the night wore on.

Karen Hannigan Machado

Karen Hannigan Machado
13:54 15 Aug 17

The tour and tour guide were amazing. The only reason I gave 4 stars out of 5 is because the last stop was my least favorite. Had we stopped after lunch it would have been 4 stars. I am going to do the one in Baltimore and DC and I will bring some friends 🙂 I am a fan and will spread the word. Great value for what you get! I will also be ordering the pumpkin cider from Downtown!

Julie Posner

Julie Posner
16:46 08 Aug 17

Expanded beer knowledge and appreciation of Beantown as a beer city. Mark was out guide and make the experience worth wild. It was a bit tough to hear mark in the 15-passenger van and it got a bit warm with the AC on low. Lunch was a home run for sure! I would recommend this tour, but be sure to wear shorts.

T. Francione

T. Francione
21:19 12 Jul 17

Our guide, Mark, was amazing. Incredibly knowledgeable, if he made podcasts, I'd listen to them. He was a great guide too, taking care of small hiccups, plus he knows where water and bathrooms were at every stop we made (a truly essential requirement of brewery tour guides).Basically, Mark took us to interesting places, told us interesting things, fed us good food, and gave us good beer. My wife and I had a great time!

Peter Christiansen

Peter Christiansen
12:44 06 Jul 17

A few of us took the original tour.I thought it was great. We hit 4 different places. Sam Adams brewery was my favorite.I have wanted to go for a while, but I'm glad I waited because being a part of the tour made it a great experience. Our tour guide Mark was awesome. He also made it a great experience with all his knowledge of beer past and present and he was pretty funny. I would definately recommend Boston Brew Tours to anyone who wants a great beer experience.

Tom Davy

Tom Davy
22:11 21 Jun 17