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Unbox Frozen Fun

The Ice Cream Float Experience is a novel way to channel the nostalgia of grabbing a sweet treat at the local soda fountain. During this virtual experience, guests will make their own “ice cream in-a-bag,” then make ice cream floats. We’ll deliver ice cream float kits to you and your guests’ doors, then invite you to follow along as one of our unforgettable hosts guides you through the ice cream making process and entertains you with ice cream float history and trivia.

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Make Your Own Ice Cream

Experience the magic of making ice cream without any fancy equipment! Our float kits include ingredients and supplies to make vanilla or flavored ice cream using just a couple zip top bags, some rock salt and ice. Watch as these simple ingredients turn into ice cream before your very eyes!

Turn it Into a Float

Once everyone’s ice cream is ready, it’s time to choose a soda – root beer, orange or cherry – and build your float! Go crazy with flavor combinations, or stick to the American classic, root beer and vanilla.

Interactive Virtual Experience

Each Ice Cream Float Experience is live and fully interactive. Guests can chat with each other and the host, and everyone will get a kick out of making ice cream together and learning some sweet trivia! This quirky experience is a perfect (and delicious) solution for event planners looking invigorate a long day of virtual meetings or conference sessions.

ice cream float kit

Tiers & Customizations

We offer several tiers of Ice Cream Float Experiences. The base experience includes 2 sodas and ingredients for vanilla ice cream. Make it more memorable by adding ice cream flavorings, cherry soda, or a reusable metal straw. You can customize your ice cream float kits with branded glassware, notecards, and other materials.

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