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Announcing Cider Sundays In Boston

Boston, MA – September 6th, 2018 – The perfect tour for all things you love about fall or don’t love about gluten. Approaching its seventh anniversary running the leading behind-the-scenes brewery tour experience in Boston, City Brew Tours is offering Cider Sundays, an apple-themed tour throughout October and November. Showcasing Downeast Cider, Bantam Cider, Short Path Distillery, and Union Square Doughnuts, you’ll feel like Johnny Appleseed as you learn about all things apple-based in New England. With included tastings and production tours through two local cider houses and a local distillery, guests will experience firsthand the cider making process, and the history of hard cider in Boston. The best in apple cider doughnuts, or apples, will be provided as a snack along the way. The tour will finish with an introduction to cider distillation and an apple brandy cocktail for your taste buds’ delight.

City Brew Tours originally launched in 2008 in Burlington, Vermont, and now operates local educational brewery tours in seven major cities along the East Coast. City Brew Tours’ mission is to be the leading curator of craft beer experiences for visitors, locals, and the community as both an ambassador and an advocate for the brewing industry.

Tickets for Cider Sundays are available for purchase immediately! The first tour starts Sunday, October 6th at 11:30 a.m. and includes hard ciders and a cocktail, an apple cider doughnut, round-trip transportation and guided tours of three locations for only $70 per person. Tickets can be purchased through their website or by phone (617) 453-8687.


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