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April Guide of the Month: Sam Hofbauer

Meet Beer Guide Aficionado/Future MD Sam! He has been providing exceptional tours in Philly, and recently got accepted into medical school.

How long have you lived in the Philly area? What is it about the city that you love?

I have lived in the Philadelphia area for my entire life. I grew up just outside of the city in South Jersey and then came to Philly for college. I have lived in the city for the past 7 years. What I love most about Philly is that there is always something going on but that the city isn’t overwhelming. I feel like a lot of the other cities that I have visited have a hustle and bustle about them and it’s easy to look like a tourist. I don’t get that in Philly I feel like everyone is pretty welcoming – except when they’re driving; in which case they turn into demons.

What do you love about beer? 

What I love most about beer is its ability to bring people together. Something I really love is being able to start a conversation with anyone at a brewery or a bar and the easiest way to do that is by talking about their beer. Since I have really gotten involved in the beer community I have noticed that there are a lot of people that are really passionate about what they are drinking so they love to talk about it. At the same time beer is a more accessible drink than others to get into. You don’t need to break the bank to drink some really great stuff, and it helps to foster relationships between people of all different walks of life.

How long have you worked for City Brew Tours?

I have been working for City Brew Tours for almost 2 years.


“It was a rowdy bachelorette party. The first thing they asked me was if I was the midget stripper they had ordered.”


Do you remember your first day? What has changed the most since then? 

My first tour was a nightmare. It was a rowdy bachelorette party. The first thing they asked me was if I was the midget stripper they had ordered. What has changed the most is that my tours have gotten much better since then considering there was literally no place to go but up.

What’s your favorite part of your job? 

I am one of the most extroverted people I know so this job really gives me an outlet for that and I can assure you that the other people in my life are thankful for that. I thoroughly enjoy meeting new groups of people every tour and just getting to hang out and teach them about something I’m so passionate about.

Do you have any beer-drinking tips? Glassware, pairings, etc. 

Considering in almost every bar/brewery you go into proper glassware is more or less disregarded in my experience, I say to drink out of whatever makes it happen. Drink out out of a shoe for all I care. As far as pairings go somethings that I have been working on lately have been pairing beers with desserts: two of my favorites being cheesecake and a cherry sour and a snickers bar with a brown ale.

Are you a home brewer? If so, what’s your favorite recipe? Do you have one of your own you’d like to share?

I would hardly call myself a home brewer. As much as I wish I was, it would be an insult to home brewers everywhere if I gave myself that distinction.

What is your current favorite beer? Beer-drinking activity?

My current favorite beer is probably the Pasque IPA from St. Benjamin’s. Everything about it screams better weather so you can’t help but to be in a good mood while drinking it. Though I’m the second youngest tour guide at the company I am really a cranky old man at heart so my favorite beer drinking activities are sitting around chatting with friends and getting my ass handed to me in board games while having a few beers.

What could someone catch you doing in your spare time? 

In my spare time you can probably catch me exercising. I have a pipe dream of going to the crossfit games one day so I spend a lot of time there. I am also training for a half marathon so as much as I hate it, I find myself pretending to enjoy running. I also love backpacking and camping so when the weather is nicer you can usually find me lost in the wilderness with a map and a compass.


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