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The Best Company Outings are Brewed

Chad Brodsky
Chad Brodsky
Posted 5/17/17

When it’s time to step out of the office or the conference with your company, it’s also the best time to pour out some delicious craft brews and let everyone relax and unwind with help from the world’s oldest social lubrication. People have been coming together over pints of ale and lager for literally thousands of years, and in today’s world, the craft beer revolution is making it easier and more interesting for companies to come together in fun and unique locations in cities across the globe.



Here are just a few of the many amazing ways to include delicious local beer in your next company outing!


1. Brewery Tours

Bring the office out to a local brewery! Many local breweries have space for private events that will usually include sample flights of all their fresh brews. Not only are you supporting another local business, but you’re also introducing your employees to a special treat of freshly brewed beer while learning more about the processes and places that great beer needs to become just that. Local breweries will usually offer tours as well, so you will see some behind the scenes spaces that most never see.

2. Transportation

Why visit one brewery when you can see several and have a trained guide entertaining you and your employees all about beer history and how beer is made? These tours can include multiple breweries as well as food and behind-the-scenes tours for everyone. From small business outings to large conference events, the tours will have transportation included and many options for food pairings and local breweries to visit.

3. Have the beer and entertainment come to you.

We offer the option to have trained guides come to your office or conference center with beer to taste. This includes all of the entertainment and history of a tour, however the beer samples and guide can come and lead professional tastings in a private venue, which means that you don’t have to go anywhere.

4. A Local Craft Beer Bar

Bringing your group to a local bar that includes an excellent craft tap list can be a relaxing way to go to get people of the office and relaxing together. Many craft bars offer private rooms that your company can take advantage of and may even cater your company outing, or you can hire a professional catering company. You could also ask for a local food truck or two for everyone to enjoy while they sip craft beer from the local taps.

5. Beer-Paired Lunch

Bring everyone together for delicious food and craft beer and learn how food is paired with your favorite brews. With all of the beer style choices available, it can seem daunting to figure out how to pair them with your favorite foods. This way is fun, easy, and everyone will enjoy it! Bring in a caterer and a beer guide and you can learn fun tricks for beer pairing while your employees enjoy midday treats together.


Whatever your company outing may be, including some fresh and tasty local beer is a great way to bring everyone together and relax when they’re taking a break. Let your employees get to know each other a bit better while they enjoy learning more about one of the world’s favorite fermented beverages and go back to work feeling refreshed and connected, both to the company and to each other!