Beer Box Membership Brews Less Traveled Marks First Year of Club With More Than 90 American Craft Beers Sent to Over 500 Members

The Brews Less Traveled Beer Club, America’s only traveling beer box subscription, in June celebrated one year of sending craft beer from independent American breweries to its members.

This June, the Brews Less Traveled Beer Club visited the breweries in Missoula, MT, to check out the Northwestern city’s beer scene. This momentous occasion marked one full year of delivering beers from around the country to Brews Less Traveled Beer Club members. Since its inception in June 2021, the Brews Less Traveled Beer Club—a club from online beer retailer Brewvana—has visited and supported independent breweries in 13 separate cities around the U.S.

The Brews Less Traveled Beer Club is a monthly beer box subscription that sends members a full box of beer hand-selected from breweries in a new beer-crazy city each month. Members of the beer club also enjoy access to weekly, virtual live stream tastings of craft brews included in each month’s box. The tastings are led by Brian Hatheway, one of Brewvana’s resident beer experts and host of the Brews Less Traveled Podcast.

“I love that I get to share the stories of these local breweries with our subscribers and listeners. Beer has always been a catalyst for human connection and I’m frankly humbled that I get to play a role in connecting people from all around the U.S. through these amazing breweries,” said Hatheway.

Over the past year, the Brews Less Traveled Beer Club’s journeys have taken members from the chili-topped spaghetti of Cincinnati, to the Alamo in San Antonio, to the corn fields of the American Midwest. Upcoming stops will take beer club members to exciting breweries across the Pacific Northwest and down the Golden Coast of California. To date, the beer club has sent its members more than 90 unique beers from 49 different independent craft breweries.

Brews Less Traveled Missoula box

It is part of Brewvana’s mission to support local and independent breweries across the nation. Every beer delivered to Brews Less Traveled Beer Club members was made by independent brewers, which allows those breweries to showcase their incredible product to craft beer fans in all corners of the country.

“The economic struggles incurred by independent craft brewers over the pandemic have been well documented, and many local breweries are still feeling those impacts to this day,” said Chad Brodsky, founder and CEO of Brewvana. “Brews Less Traveled endeavors to visit cities and communities that are under-represented on the national stage. We’re incredibly proud at Brewvana to support independent beer makers through the Brews Less Traveled Beer Club, where we get to share their beer to new fans spread across America.”

The Brews Less Traveled Podcast and weekly live stream has featured interviews with craft beer industry professionals such as head brewers, beer influencers, can artists and more. During these live streams, beer club members can chat with the hosts and interact with guests.

Notable interviews on the Brews Less Traveled Podcast include discussions with Marcus Baskerville, Head Brewer and Co-Founder of Weathered Souls Brewing Company and creator of the Black is Beautiful initiative, and Debbie Stueber, the Director of Community Relations at Brew: The Museum of Beer.

The Brews Less Traveled Podcast is found on streaming services everywhere, including YouTubeSpotifyApple Podcasts and Google Podcasts.

Since its inception, the Brews Less Traveled Beer Club has sent beer boxes to more than 500 individual members. Here is a breakdown of important numbers from the past year of the Brews Less Traveled Beer Club:

New customers interested in joining or gifting the Brews Less Traveled Beer Club can visit for pricing and shipping information. Membership is limited to people 21 years of age or older.