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December’s Guide of the Month: Matt Taylor

Allow me to introduce Decembers Guide of the Month, Matt Taylor! Matt is our longest standing guide, and that is out of our six cities! He knows a lot more than just beer, join me in finding out how he learned so much, and how he applies it day to day!

Matt moved to Burlington while he was still in college. “Burlington is often called the fountain of youth due to the college student to resident ratio,” Matt says. The City of Burlington offers a great small town feel, so when people are ready to get out of their big cities, it is a mecca for craft beer and slopes.


“My knowledge of the City, State and the breweries we visit has grown with all the tours.” 


Speaking of craft beer, it’s the origin story of beer that sparks an interest for Matt, “I like seeing how and where different styles of beer were created!”

Matt has been working for City Brew Tours since March, 2010, and can show you how much the industry has grown since then. Even with the craft beer boom, he thinks our tours still remain remarkably similar. “My knowledge of the City, State and the breweries we visit has grown with all the tours.” While Matt provides an education on how beer is made, he has been known to show you other things, like the largest file cabinet in the world!


“Moderation, moderation, moderation.” 


While he loves giving tours, Matt offers some sage advice for those drinking: “Moderation, moderation, moderation.” Although he no longer brews at home, Matt can be found participating in an occasional collaboration, or just enjoying a beer without having to brew it himself.


“I consider myself an equal opportunity beer drinker.”


So what’s in his cup? “I consider myself an equal opportunity beer drinker. Recently I’ve been enjoying the light and dry beers, in particular Pilsners and Helles.” You’ll find him enjoying those beers with family and friends. When he’s not drinking beer, Matt’s taking care of his kid, renovating his house, or ice fishing!

Thanks for the quick glimpse into the Burlington life, Matt!

Stay tuned for our next Guide of the Month!

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