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February Guide of the Month: Cat Joyner

Before you worked at City Brew Tours, what was the most interesting or unusual job you’ve ever had?

I was a farmer in New Zealand for a few months with a program called WWOOF. I did everything from harvesting feijoas (weird fruit) to running an organic market/smoothie place. I would hitchhike from place to place and met the coolest people!


What interested you in City Brew Tours, and what is your favorite part of being a guide?

Ooh, I was originally drawn to the position because I get to educate AND entertain. I knew a lot about beer before, but here I get to use my extrovert side and try out bad puns. My favorite part is getting to learn from guests and inspiring a passion for craft beer.

Hands down, best tour you’ve ever done?

There was a tour that decided to ALL use animals and mythological creatures as their aliases on the nametags, and renamed me Puppy! We had a ton of fun that day!


If you could have a beer with anybody in history, who would it be? What would the beer be?

Both Pierre Celis who saved the witbier style and Friedrich Wurzler, who temporarily saved the gose style. I’d love to sit them down together and just talk about their passion for those styles. Something I find really interesting is that Pierre gained renown through his brewing ventures, but Wurzler prolonged the extinction of the gose, and saw its popularity dissipate. It wasn’t revived until decades after his death. We would be drinking their brews, of course.


What words of wisdom do you have for anybody taking a tour? 

Don’t be afraid to talk about flavors, even if you don’t know a lot about beer! Everyone has a different palate and no one will judge you. I’ve had a guest say a beer smelled like a specific brand of orange bubblegum, and when I tasted it again I was shocked…that description fit perfectly!


Last movie you saw?

The Incredibles 2. It was long-awaited, but the original is always better!


Are you a home brewer? If so, what’s your favorite recipe? Do you have one of your own you’d like to share?

Yes! Favorite one so far has been a honey lager with lavender called Honey, It’s Cold Outside, but we’re always trying new things. The recipe is online at https://www.brewersfriend.com/homebrew/recipe/view/489580/honey-lager-with-lavender. Try sanitizing some extra lavender by soaking it in vodka, in case you want to add more before bottling. Let me know if you brew it!


What beer is in your fridge/cellar right now?

In my glass currently: Goodwater Brewery’s Chocolate Porter. In the NYC version of a cellar aka a dark shelf: Founder’s Dirty Bastard, a staple for me. And I’m lucky enough to currently have The Alchemist’s Heady Topper and some Hill Farmstead wild-fermented beers.


What’s the most useless talent you have?

I can hold and light a lighter with my toes. You know, in case I’m kidnapped and the space needs a change in ambiance?


It’s your day off, what are you doing?

What is a day off???

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