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If you have a craft beer lover close to your heart, then you know finding thoughtful beer gifts for them can prove to be a challenge. Good gifts for beer lovers go beyond simply picking up a six pack or grabbing a gift card from the brewery down the street (though you should do that, too).

Luckily, there are now more great gifts for beer lovers than ever before, and that should allow you to shop for a gift that fits your beer lover perfectly. From books to beer boxes to Christmas beer gifts, we’ve collected a list of great beer gift ideas for every beer geek in your life.

Gifts for Beer Lovers


Beer box subscriptions are a thoughtful gift for any self-described beer nerd out there, and the benefits are obvious. With a recurring membership, your beer-loving loved one gets to sit back and have everything sent to them. There is no need to visit bottle shops or stop in for beers to go at breweries—beer boxes will deliver the goods straight to their doorstep.

In the crowded field of beer box memberships, though, the City Brew Tours Beer Club stands out above the rest. This beer box is America’s only traveling craft beer club, as the City Brew Tours’ team of beer experts hand-picks cans of craft brews from independent breweries in all corners of the country.

Brews Less Traveled Beer Club
The City Brew Tours Shop sells many gifts for beer lovers, including the City Brew Tours Beer Club, which delivers hand-selected craft beer from a new bustling beer scene every month.


What do you get for a beer nerd? The City Brew Tours Beer Club is a great gift for beer lovers because of its continued commitment to beer variety—and quality. Each box is stuffed with an assortment of beer styles, with previous boxes featuring beer styles such as coffee hazelnut porters, Kveik sour ales and hazy double IPAs. This Beer Club is a unique way to explore regional beer styles, like freshly-hopped IPAs from the Pacific Northwest or corn lagers from the Midwest.

To top it all off, Beer Club members get exclusive access to weekly, interactive live streams featuring brewers, beer historians and other interesting guests. If you’ve got a hardcore beer enthusiast in your life, the City Brew Tours Beer Club gives them front row access to chat with the brewers who actually made the beers they’re drinking.

There are several options for membership, making it a fantastic option for a beer gift. Subscriptions come in 1-month, 3-month or 6-month increments, with savings on the longer subscriptions. The City Brew Tours Beer Club is a gift for beer lovers that keeps on giving.


If you’re in the market for gifts for beer lovers who like to go behind the scenes, brewery tours may be the move for you. Guided brewery tours can be taken on foot or in provided transportation, and they take guests to breweries in a given area to sample different regional beers.

Nationwide, no one runs a better tour than City Brew Tours. The brewery tour operator now runs tours in 22 cities across the U.S. and Canada, and that number is constantly growing.

City Brew Tours
An all-access brewery tour from City Brew Tours is a fun beer gift for any serious beer geek.


City Brew Tours sets itself apart from other tour operators due to its high-quality tours and professionalism, having run beer tours for more than a decade now. Tours include tasting stops at 3 different breweries, roundtrip transportation and guided entertainment. City Brew Tours also offers unique brewery tours on foot in New York and Philadelphia, which allows tour guests to soak in the city in between breweries.

Whichever tour you choose from City Brew Tours, they take guests behind the scenes to see where the beer is made. Tour guests get to learn the brewing process at some of America’s most famous breweries, and that is a memory-making beer gift for any true beer geek.

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Holiday Beer Boxes


The City Brew Tours Shop has taken the beer advent calendar spirit and applied it to the 12 Days of Christmas, which runs from Christmas Night to January 5. The 12 Beers of Christmas Beer Box is full of a dozen delicious craft brews sourced from microbreweries around the U.S.

This holiday beer box is put together by the same team who makes the City Brew Tours Beer Club, so you know each beer has been specially selected and vetted before inclusion. You can expect to find specially-brewed holiday beers like cranberry sours and winter ales in every box, with beers fresh off the canning line.


12 Beers of Christmas Beer Advent Calendar
The 12 Beers of Christmas Holiday Beer Box features a dozen delicious craft beers fresh off the canning line from microbreweries around the U.S., plus nightly virtual tasting parties.


What is a good Christmas gift to give a beer lover? The 12 Beers of Christmas Beer Box comes with access to nightly virtual tasting parties, so the beer geek in your life can celebrate the holidays with professional brewers and other craft beer lovers across the country.


When shopping for holiday gifts for the beer lovers in your life, don’t skip over Hanukkah 2022 gifts. The Jewish Festival of Lights is a perfect opportunity to pick up gifts for beer lovers, and luckily there are some companies out there with Jewish craft beer lovers in mind.

The City Brew Tours Shop sells a Hoppy Hanukkah Beer Box that is the perfect fit for Jewish craft beer lovers everywhere. The Hoppy Hanukkah Beer Box is packed with 8 hand-picked craft beers to enjoy each night of Hanukkah, and City Brew Tours each year finds Jewish brewers to feature in this holiday beer box.

Hoppy Hanukkah Beer Box
There’s no better beer gift for Hanukkah 2023 than the Hoppy Hanukkah Beer Box.


Each Hoppy Hanukkah gift comes with invitations to exclusive nightly tastings with brewers and other beer personalities. With this beer gift, the craft beer geek in your life gets to celebrate Hanukkah with the brewers who made their beers.

Craft Beer Gift Ideas


Most beer geeks over time accumulate a bunch of cans, bottles and other brewery memorabilia that, over time, tends to collect dust. What if you found a way to repurpose some of their nostalgic beer knick-knacks and turn them into craft beer gifts?

There are a lot of great beer crafting ideas out there that anyone can make. Yes, even if you have little to no prior crafting experience, there are some easy and inexpensive crafting ideas to help you make personalized beer gifts for men.

One of our favorite beer crafts is turning paper brewery coasters into unique, laminated and re-usable coasters. The process is quite easy and requires just paper coasters, some cling film and some sort of epoxy or resin covering. Watch this video to see how you can easily do this yourself:


Crafting is also a great opportunity to make unique presents for the craft beer geek women in your life. Grab some cans of their favorite craft beer and turn them into candles or planters for desk succulents. For projects like that, you only need a simple can cutter to take the top of the can off, then you can fill the empty craft beer can with whatever candle wax or succulent you like.


There is no shortage of interesting beer books to fill the shelves of the craft beer lover in your life. Books make great stocking stuffers and there are now craft beer books that cover a range of topics, meaning you can buy a beer gift perfectly suited for your favorite beer geek.

Some of our favorite books include:

Keeping the “Farm” in “Farmhouse Beer” by Marika Josephson
The Brewmaster’s Table: Discovering the Pleasures of Real Beer with Real Food by Garrett Oliver
Trappist Beer Travels by Caroline WallaceJessica Deahl, and Sarah Wood
Brew Like A Monk: Trappist, Abbey and Strong Belgian Ales and How to Brew Them by Stan Hieronymus
Libations of the Eighteenth Century by David A. Woolsey


This idea is a little out of left field, but we promise it will make a unique gift! Hop rhizomes are available to purchase at certain points throughout the year (hop growing kits from seeds are also available) and allow the beer nerd in your life to grow their own hops right from the comforts of home.

Growing hops at home is fairly easy in certain climates, and there are plenty of helpful tips available online for the amateur hop farmer at home. Here is a video with tips from a professional hop farmer on how to successfully grow hop plants at home, from the ground up:


Stocking Stuffers for Beer Lovers

When you’re shopping for gifts for beer lovers this year, don’t forget to grab some stocking stuffers. Even the smallest gifts can go a long way if they are thoughtful and meaningful.


As we’ve previously mentioned in this article, City Brew Tours are great presents to give the beer lovers in your life. You can purchase tickets for a tour straight from the company, but why not let your gift recipient choose exactly which tour they’d like to go on?

City Brew Tours sells gift cards redeemable for any of its tours, and these are excellent gifts for beer lovers. The gift cards can be purchased and printed at any time, meaning you can rely on this as a last second gift. Remember this next time you’re in a gift giving emergency!

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No kitchen is complete without a good bottle opener and corkscrew. There are tons of bottle openers out there on the market, and many are customizable for a small fee.

For corkscrews, we recommend paying a little bit more than the absolute lowest amount, but you don’t have to get too fancy with it. Electric corkscrews are neat and showy, but altogether unnecessary. A simple corkscrew goes a long way, and you can easily find customizable corkscrews, as well, for a one-of-a-kind beer gift.