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June Guide of the Month: Andrew Rhodes

Beer Aficionados! Every 2,150 years, the stars align, and we feature a guide not once, but TWICE! You may recognize this familiar face from his feature back in 09/2017, but we have a real treat lined up for you: brand spanking new questions, but same old Andy!



Before you worked at City Brew Tours, what was the most interesting or unusual job you’ve ever had?

I used to do live stunt show and joust on horseback for a living. I was also on a children’s television show that was nominated for 2 regional Emmy’s.

What interested you in City Brew Tours, how has the company changed since you started? 

It started out as a fun flexible job. When I started it was mostly just our owner and I giving tours in Boston, and I had to remind him to pay me. I’d have to swing by his house to get a hand written check. A few things have changed.

Hands down, best tour you’ve ever done?

I had a bachelor party of 33 dudes from Nova Scotia. It was the bachelor, his father, his Grandfather, and the brides father and grandpa. Thy made him dress in full leprechaun regalia for the duration. Just a good fun loving group!

If you could have a beer with anybody in history, who? What would the beer be?

Well that’s hard.  I’m going to say George Burns, I would want his perspective on comedy and vaudeville stories. I would want to have a few beers since he grew up through Prohibition. See how it has all changed.

What words of wisdom do you have for anybody taking a tour? 

Don’t pregame. Come with an open mind. It’s a sample of beer in most cases….  you can finish it.

Last book you read? 

As a family we did the audio version of Hitchhiker’s guide to the Galaxy during our last road trip.

Are you a home brewer? 

I’m a home drinker.

What beer is in your fridge/cellar right now?

All of it is 10%abv or higher, and aged in a barrel.

It’s your day off, what are you doing? 

Xbox when I can, family time with the girl and kids, sleeping.  Sooooo much sleeping with a quiet house on a weekday off

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