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March Guide of the Month: Bob

March’s Guide of the Month is Bob from Cleveland! Bob definitely encompasses the City Brew Tours Value of community. He always goes the extra mile, regularly supports our affiliate breweries, and is just overall a really personable and stand-up guide.

Which one of the City Brew Tours values do you connect with the most and why? (Unforgettable Moments and Sharable Experiences, Ambassadorship, Community, Safety, Trust)
For me it would be Ambassadorship for our breweries, city and company. We promote the Local beer scene while educating our customers on all facets of the process in a safe, fun environment. It’s great to watch our guest’s eyes light up when they begin to understand something you’re talking about or a question you are answering. Many of our guests end up bonding over the course of the tours exchanging info on Facebook, Instagram etc… Our customers love the experience. Our brewers appreciate it as well. It all good!

How long have you lived in Cleveland, and what is your favorite part about the city?
All of my 58 years! I’m born and raised in Cleveland. The last 25 in a rural Cleveland suburb. I used to do an extensive bit of business travel and always loved returning to our Cleveland culture. Friendly people and loads to do from restaurants, museums, sports, work and play without the traffic and crowds of other cities. Our out of town guests are usually shocked by how fun our town is. We always jokingly ask that they keep that our little secret!

What is one of your hidden talents?
I play guitar in a local praise band as well as Drums, Bass, Keyboards when needed. Not so hidden anymore though. I also have been practicing martial arts for well over 30 years and tend to keep that hidden but since you asked…. Great for body and soul!

What do you love about beer?
“Everything!” The variety of styles, flavors, packaging, manufacturing processes, marketing along with the cultural identity and impact to name a few. From my first Michelob at age 14 (Borrowed from my Dad’s cooler) to the Market Garden Progress Pilsner I had last night and everything in between. I appreciate all of the effort that goes into crafting great beers.

What has been one of your proudest moments while working for City Brew Tours?
This one! Pretty cool to be recognized especially given all of the awesome guides that work for CBT. It was great meeting most of them at the All Cities meeting and look forward to doing it again be it on a tour in other towns or at the next gathering. Also, many of us get that boost of pride after a tour has completed. Always a great time to enjoy a pint or two or three…

Do you have any beer-drinking tips?
Glassware, pairings, etc. Definitely Glassware! Use the appropriate glass when able depending on the style your drinking. I’ve been on a Pilsner kick lately, so the tall glasses are dominating right now. When friends are visiting, I strive to get them into the proper glass depending on the style which has turned into a fun educational sidebar during visits.

What beer is in your fridge/cellar right now?
Loads of Market Garden (Progress, Nano, Chinook Strike) Great Lakes (Dortmunder, Bierwolf) and Sam Smiths (Porter, Oatmeal Stout) product. Stocked up for the quarantine! Also have quite a bit of Guinness and Pilsner Urquell which is a given in this household.

What is something new you’ve learned about beer this past month?
The makeup of “Haze” in a New England IPA. The proteins mix with polyphenols to form the haze with just a small impact from the hop acids. I would have thought the hop had a larger impact. Fascinating! Per an article “Hops, The Latest Research” in the March/April 2020 edition of Zymergy. Great read!

What is the last TV show you’ve watched?
“The New Pope” It’s a series on HBO. Finished it last night. Pretty wild!

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