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November Guide of the Month: Derek Krater

Check out our Guide of the Month for November, Derek Krater! This Boston guide talks Tennis to Tacos!


Before you worked at City Brew Tours, what was the most interesting or unusual job you’ve ever had?

Before City Brew Tours, the most interesting job I ever held was working for the Broadmoor Improvement Association, a community development corporation and non-profit organization in New Orleans, LA. After Katrina, there was a lot to clean up and even more to piece back together. I am very happy and proud to have been a part of that process. Laissez les bon temps rouler!


What interested you in City Brew Tours? 

Public speaking, despite my ability to do so. It usually makes me nervous to publicly speak. In a moment of courage I walked right up to a staff member and asked him unceremoniously, “how do I do what you do and where do I sign up?” I’ve never looked back and City Brew Tours has shown me it’s okay to be nervous. I can harness that energy and it keeps me sharp!


Hands down, best tour you’ve ever done?

I’m on a double, a bit worn down after my first tour. The second part of my day is a Corporate Event. I had to head to the other side of Boston, find parking, I’m sweating because I was running to meet them. I spot my guests, and it looks like they are wearing jerseys. One of them is in a “can you smell what the rock is cooking?” t-shirt. It ended up being a really cool concept, their corporate event was their fantasy draft. They were great. It was a chill and rewarding experience, filled with lots of laughs!


What is your spirit animal? Why?

I’m a Bee. An industrious little fighter pilot, whose job it is to basically zoom around drinking all day. I want to be one of the big bumbles, like you can hear me as I rumble my fat, pollen covered body from tasty, nectar flower bar to tasty, nectar flower bar.


What do you love about beer?

I love beer’s ability to connect people. I don’t just mean to each other but also to their culture or new ones. Beer can connect you to the past and to history. It has been an important part of human life for so long,  like our relationship with dogs. It really is just a magical thing. I think I’ll have a beer right now and leave you with a quote.

“Beer does not make itself properly by itself. It takes an element of mystery and of things that no one can understand.” Fritz Maytag


Last book you read?

Gardens of the Moon by Steven Ericsson

I really only read fantasy books with dragons in them. If it doesn’t have an actual dragon it better have someone called “the Dragon” or I am not reading it.


Do you have any beer-drinking tips? Glassware, pairings, etc.

I have one tip for avid beer drinkers.

“[the next day] always do sober whatever you said you would do drunk, that will teach you to keep your mouth shut.” – Ernest Hemingway


What beer is in your fridge/cellar right now?

I am not much of a collector. I lack the willpower not to drink beer that is in my proximity unless I’m saving it for someone else. My fridge has some ESB’s from a local brewery. A ton of home-brewed ESB is actually under my desk right now and I have a 4 pack of something hazy and juicy in the fridge. On any given day these beers will be on premises:

Embarrassment of Riches – Hoppy Ale – Dorchester Brewing Company
Voltage – NE IPA – Mystic Brewery
The Hum – Porter – Mystic Brewery
3 At The Buzzer – Triple IPA w/Honey – Nightshift Brewing & DSSOLVR

What is your current favorite beer? Beer-drinking activity?

I know it doesn’t seem likely but tennis is my favorite drinking activity. Run around, whack the ball, and wear socially sanctioned absurd headband-centered outfits. Beer league tennis, drink on changeovers and after sets. Try it you’ll thank me.


It’s your day off, what are you doing?

It’s my day off and I’m ignoring everything I know about beer. I’m drinking a Michelada with Tecate in what is most likely a chilled or frosted glass. I’m ordering tacos and then I’m spending time with my dogs. A trip to Mystic Brewery is imminent!


Would you rather be completely invisible for one day or be able to fly for one day?

I will only fly if flatulence is what brings me back down to earth, like in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. It’s just my rule about flying.


What are you binge watching right now?

The Bodyguard on Netflix. I like watching a conflicted Rob Stark kick some ass in a political drama, the way House of Cards used to make you feel at the beginning. Plus, it’s Rob Stark the dude needs some vengeance!

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