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October Home Brew Recipe: Brown Ale

Posted 10/30/19

As cold weather rolls in, this brown ale will make you feel all warm inside. Brewed with a huge amount of biscuit malt this brown ale goes for the ultimate in “toasty” flavor without crossing the line into “roast” flavors and was originally designed to avoid any coffee characteristics sometimes found in darker beers. The recipe calls for 2 pounds of biscuit malt but we suggest you order a little bit more to chew on while brewing up this beauty. The Chateau Biscuit has a unique toasted character to it that we think tastes like a crunchier version of a cheez-it making the best of all grains for snacking while working.



OG 1.062       FG 1.018     5.8% ABV

AmountFermentableBill %
12 lbGolden Promise81.2%
2 lbChâteau Biscuit13.5%
8 ozVictory3.4%
4.5 ozBlackprinz1.9%

Mash @ 156F



AmountVariety Time
0.5 ozWarrior60 min
0.5 ozSterling15 min

With the high level of long sugar chains in this beer, due to the high mash temp we strongly recommend you make a healthy yeast starter the night before brewing.

Ferment with an English Ale yeast at 66F, such as WLP002. This beer serves best with slightly lower carbonation than style guidelines, around 2.0 volumes of CO2.