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Sip on these 4 all-American beer styles this summer

From the barley-free beer of the First Nations to the bootlegged beer of Prohibition, American beer history is deep and rich. However, many of the beer styles we know and love today have roots outside of the United States. This summer, kick back with these 4 all-American beer styles that are perfect for summer sessioning:

Blonde Ale

The first Blonde Ale was brewed right here in the USA, and was a staple in American breweries throughout the 1970s during the nascence of craft brewing in the US. Sprung from old Pale Ale traditions, the Blonde Ale sought to transition America’s palate from the mass market flavors it was used to over to the richer sensibilities of craft beer. Famous for its easy-drinking, approachable nature, the Blonde Ale is the sweet and malty beer that’s dying to make it into your cup holder this summer.

Recommendation: SOL DRIFTER, MadTree Brewing

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California Common

Steam beer was historically invented as a way to produce beer without the use of refrigeration. Anchor Brewing Company trademarked the term “Steam beer” in the late 1800’s, preventing anyone else from using the name to describe their beers. Since then, steam beers produced outside of Anchor Brewing Company are referred to as California Commons. Whatever you call it, this style has its roots planted firmly in the USA. It was first brewed in 19th century San Francisco, and is the oldest beer style native to the United States.

Recommendation: FULLSTEAM LAGER, Fullsteam Brewery

Cream Ale

It seems that beer lovers everywhere glow with nostalgia at the mention of the Cream Ale. It conjures up memories of backyard barbeques, college-age mischief, and first loves. The Cream Ale was developed and perfected from the mid-1800s through to the early 20th century. Though there were many localized variations to start, today the style is more standardized and is best known via Genesee Brewing’s iconic Cream Ale. It’s time to get back to basics this summer, and cans of this clean, clear, and crushable brew is a must-have in your beer coolers.

Recommendation: MY BETTER HALF, Slumbrew (Somerville Brewing)

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Hazy IPA

The Hazy IPA, also known as the New England IPA or the East Coast IPA, is an extremely popular beer style in the craft beer scene today. Although it developed from the traditionally European IPA, there have been many creative iterations of the beer, breathing new life into the style. The IPA has been experimented with and reinvented into substyles so unique that they can often be distinguished in just one look. Though natively developed in Vermont in 2004, today you can enjoy craft beer’s citrusy sweetheart all across the country. This makes the Hazy IPA a great beer to reach for during all your favorite summer holidays.

Recommendation: HEADY TOPPER, The Alchemist

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