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The Best Beer to Bring on the Golf Course


All summer long, the beer nerds on the Brewvana team are sending you our beer recommendations to beat the heat. This week, Todd from Sales shares his favorite summer brew.

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Week 3

Todd Gets Out of the Rough and Onto a “Green State Lager”

I live in Vermont. That means I ski in the winter, avoid the mud in the spring, play golf in the summer, and stare at leaves in the fall. Throughout most of the year, the hazy IPA reigns supreme up here. In the summer, however, “Green State Lager” from Zero Gravity Craft Brewery becomes the mini-fridge staple.

There’s not a better golf/pool/hiking beer in the world. Intangibles include remarkable crispness, a photogenic light-gold color, and the ability to make crummy golfers better. Serve this beer colder than ice and stick it in your favorite koozie.

– Todd Summers, CIO (Chief IPA Officer)

Green State Lager

Zero Gravity Craft Brewery “Green State Lager”

Burlington, VT
Style: Pilsner | ABV: 4.9%
Tasting notes: Noble Hops, Dry, Top Tier Crispiness

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Todd's Summer Jammers playlist

Enjoy a playlist Todd put together for this beer. Just click the link and you’ll be taken to the playlist. You can also scan this through the Spotify app. We recommend hitting the Play button right as your nemesis lines up their putt.

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