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The 10 Best Breweries in Cleveland

Chances are Cleveland, OH is not going to be on most people’s vacation list or a stop on their summer road trip. However, those who live in Ohio and the surrounding states know that Cleveland is a fantastic city to visit with its lakeside parks and beaches, outdoor markets, buzzing nightlife, and iconic Rock and Roll Hall of Fame museum. On top of all that, craft beer lovers in that area know a little secret about Cleveland…

It’s a Midwest mecca for craft beer!

That’s right, Cleveland is full of incredible craft breweries with more and more opening up around the city each year. It has everything from nano breweries experimenting with small-batch brewing to family-run breweries to heavy hitting production breweries to brewpubs serving up food as tasty as their beer! Now that you are amped to visit this craft beer city, head over to the City Brew Tour Blog to discover the best breweries in Cleveland.

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1. Collision Bend Brewing Company Collision Bend Brewing Co in Cleveland

Best Brewery with Outdoor Seating

Beer tastes even better with a view, it’s a fact. Collision Bend Brewing Company’s patio situated on the Cuyahoga offers a view of the crooked river with massive ships navigating its narrow waters. It’s the perfect place to enjoy a flight of the brewery’s artisanal craft beers of which they offer a great selection of lagers, wheat beers, and IPAs. Bonus: If the weather isn’t ideal, Collision Bend’s modern and thoughtfully designed interior is a view to enjoy in and of itself.

1250 Old River Rd, Cleveland | www.collisionbendbrewery.com

2. Brick and Barrel Brewing

Best Place for Small-batch Brews

A brewery built brick by brick and barrel by barrel, Brick and Barrel Brewing came together through love for the craft beer scene and for its home, Cleveland, OH. Located in the Cleveland Flats, this unique nano brewery offers an industrial-style taproom with chill vibes and exceptional craft beer made through small-batch brewing. Check out Brick and Barrel’s tiny yet mighty 3.5 barrel brewhouse during your visit to Cleveland!

1844 Columbus Rd, Cleveland | www.brickandbarrelbrew.com

3. Great Lakes Brewing Company

Best Brewery to Bring the Kids

Located in Cleveland’s lively Ohio City neighborhood, Great Lakes Brewing Co. has been a craft beer staple of the city since the 1980s. The diverse lineup of beer, which includes lagers, IPAs, porters, and stouts, showcases their decades of brewing experience and dedication to the craft. With a charming outdoor patio and a locally-sourced food menu that includes plates and fun beverages for the kids, Great Lakes Brewing Company is the place to go for families.

2516 Market Ave. Cleveland | www.greatlakesbrewing.com

4. Terrestrial Brewing Company
Terrestrial Brewing Co. in Cleveland, OH

Best Brewery to Bring the Dogs

Bring your dog and bring your unquenchable thirst for craft beer to Cleveland’s Battery Park neighborhood. Terrestrial Brewing Co. serves up its two flagship beers—Canopy Crusher IPA and Public Pilsner—year-round while the rest of the taps feature a rotating selection of new brews that will excite every craft beer adventurer. And what’s an adventure without your dog? With a dog-friendly taproom, two patios, and a nearby park, Terrestrial earns Cleveland’s Most Dog-Friendly Brewery award!

7524 Father Frascati, Cleveland | www.terrestrialbrewing.com

5. Noble Beast Brewing Company
Noble Beast Brewing Co. in Cleveland, OH

Best Brewery in Downtown Cleveland

Noble Beast Brewing Co. might be a small brewery, but it has a big reputation for crafting good beer in downtown Cleveland. Whether in the mood for a traditional-style beer or a fun, experimental brew, Noble Beast will have something for everyone. No craft beer lover’s trip to Cleveland would be complete without a visit to this family-run brewery!

1470 Lakeside Ave E, Cleveland | www.noblebeastbeer.com

6. Market Garden Brewery

Best Brewery in Ohio City

For those unfamiliar with Cleveland’s craft beer scene, the Ohio City neighborhood is chalk full of incredible breweries. Of those Ohio City breweries, Market Garden is a force to be reckoned with. Not only do they have a 35,000 square-foot production brewery complete with a 35-barrel brewhouse and taproom, but Market Garden also has the Market Garden Brewpub & Restaurant and Nano Brew nearby. Honestly, an entire day could be spent between visits to all three!

1947 W 25th St, Cleveland | www.marketgardenbrewery.com

7. Goldhorn Brewery
Goldhorn Brewery in Cleveland, OH

Best Brewery to Grab a Bite

Located in downtown Cleveland’s St. Clair Superior’s Hub 55 complex, Goldhorn Brewery has a beautifully simple mission—to celebrate the heritage of their neighborhood and craft beers that bring people together. With its laid back atmosphere, this Cleveland brewery is a great place to gather with friends and grab a bite. After a round or two of Goldhorn’s house beer, enjoy a hand-crafted sandwich with housemade kettle chips or a burger made with Ohio raised beef and spent grain.

1361 E 55th St, Cleveland | www.goldhornbrewery.com

8. Masthead Brewing Company
Masthead Brewing Co in Cleveland, OH

 Best Brewery for an IPA 

IPAs are the craft beer trend that won’t quit, and we are here for that! The best brewery to indulge in juicy and hazy IPAs is Masthead Brewing Co. in downtown Cleveland. This brewery took over the historic Bryant Building to open a large taproom with 300 seats and a 100 foot bar. Apart from an impressive lineup of IPAs, you’ll also find barrel-aged beers and barleywines at Masthead Brewing Co.

1261 Superior Ave, Cleveland | www.mastheadbrewingco.com

9. Hansa Brewery
Hansa Brewery and Restaurant in Cleveland, OH

Best German Brewery in Cleveland

First, there was Hansa Import Haus, Ohio City’s specialty foods shop established in Cleveland’s Ohio City neighborhood for 40 years. Then came Hansa Brewery and Restaurant in 2013, a business diversification that everyone could support, because it brought great German craft beer and delicious foods to the area. Pilsners, weissbier, schwarzbier, sausages, schnitzel, and strudel… if those are not reasons to stop by Hansa, we don’t know what are.

2717 Lorain Ave, Cleveland | www.hansabrewery.com

10. Arsenal Cider House
Arsenal Cider House in Cleveland, OH

Best Place for a Cider

Originally out of Pittsburgh, Arsenal Cider House opened its Ohio City location in early 2020, bringing with it award-winning, small-batch ciders, meads, and sparkling fruit wines. Long before coming to Cleveland, Arsenal was leading the way in the craft hard cider scene as the first cidery in Western Pennsylvania. For a change of pace, beer lovers should visit the cider house and enjoy the selection of dry ciders offered there.

4507 Lorain Ave, Cleveland | www.arsenalciderhouse.com


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