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Three Great Beers to Celebrate National Beer Day

For many the holidays are just an excuse to kick back and have a beer, but what about a holiday dedicated entirely to drinking beer? No, not Saint Patrick’s Day – even better. We’re talkin’ National Beer Day!

What is National Beer Day? 

National Beer Day is an American holiday celebrated across the nation each year on April 7th. How it’s celebrated is no mystery: crack open your favorite beer and spend time with your friends and family in celebration of being able to crack open a (legal) brewsky.

The first National Beer Day was celebrated in Richmond, Virginia in 2009. It was not officially recognized, however, until 2017. While comparatively, the holiday is pretty young, its roots run deep into American history.

Why is it celebrated on April 7th?

The origins of this holiday is rooted in prohibition history. The Cullen-Harrison Act, the piece of legislation that would end prohibition, was signed by Franklin D. Roosevelt on March 22nd in 1933. This legislation officially went into effect 15 days later on April 7th, finally ending alcohol prohibition in the US after thirteen long years.

After signing the act, Roosevelt remarked, “I think this would be a good time for beer.” A good time for a beer indeed, as this meant folks could now legally sell, buy and, most importantly, drink beer! As you might imagine, this was very well received by the public. The nation celebrated with libations galore, consuming 1.5 million barrels of beer!

What should I drink this National Beer Day?

Start by cracking open some of these drinkable springtime brews:

Fruited Beers

Fruited beers are one of the best ways to kick start your springtime pallet. Give your tastebuds a peachy jolt with the Allagash fruited sour. This tart, but balanced brew will be easy to drink on a sunny day in April.

Recommendation: Allagash | Farm to Face

Common Beers

The California Common is a clear front runner on the list of beers you should be reaching for this National Beer Day. You can enjoy it on April 7th, and all month long with this go to spring style. Anchor Steam Beer was the first of its kind, and a worthy pioneer: delicious, refreshing, and sessionable.

Recommendation: Anchor | Steam Beer

Bock Beers

This German-style beer is the quintessential herald of spring. Traditionally, this is a beer style specifically brewed to be enjoyed throughout the spring and during spring festivals. As the name might suggest (bock means buck or billy goat in German), you’ll often see references to goats on bock labels. But not with Rogue Dead Guy Ale. Pour yourself a pint of this copper beauty and taste all the hidden delights that make this beer so unique.

Recommendation: Rogue | Dead Guy Ale

Whatever you choose to drink, just be sure to enjoy it. Happy National Beer Day! I think this would be a good time for a beer, don’t you?

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