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The Hoppy Hanukkah Experience


If you’re here, that means you’ve retrieved your first beer and found the booklet we included to get you started. On each of the 8 nights of Hanukkah, you’ll open one window in your box and discover a new beer. Each night you’re invited to join us online for a virtual tasting, discussion, and appraisal of that day’s brew. We’ll even have VIP brewery guests dropping in!

Todd Summers
Todd Summers
Chad Brodsky

Our nightly appraisals will be hosted by Chad Brodsky, Certified Cicerone® and CBT Founder, and Beer Guide Todd Summers and can be watched live via Zoom Webinar or YouTube.  Please note, you’ll only be able to interact with the hosts and any special guests visiting that night via chat, we can’t wait to celebrate the festival beer flights with you 😉

Recorded Live Streams

Night 2 (Stream 1)

Golden Jelly Donut Ale
Smaltz Brewing Co

Night 3 (Stream 2)

Beach Drive Golden Ale
Port City Brewing

Night 4 (Stream 3)

Hair Raiser Double IPA
Exhibit ‘A’ Brewing

Night 5 (Stream 4)

Brau Pils
DC Brau

Night 6 (Stream 5)

Lager Roots
Strange Roots Brewing

Night 7 (Stream 6)

Goodwater Brewing

Night 8 (Stream 7)

Hazy Bones
Flying Fish

Daily Blogs

Each day you find a new blog post that dives a little deeper into the beer styles and topics we’ll be discussing on our live appraisal streams. You’ll find a range of topics here – some educational and some just for fun. Blogs will be posted right after our nightly live stream, about 9:20 pm.

Hanukkah Blog 9

Hanukkah Blog 9

December 17, 2020  |  By Julie Walker

8 Perfect Pairings: The Best Beers for Latkes, Brisket & Other Jewish Delicacies
As you know, pairing beer with food is kind of our thing. From matching meals with what's on tap at local breweries ...

Hanukkah Blog 8

Hanukkah Blog 8

December 18, 2020  |  By Mike Schram

East Coast vs. West Coast: How Regional Ingredients Defined the American IPA
As any good traveler knows, cultures and traditions around the world often center around the kitchen table. Regional ingredients h...

Hanukkah Blog 7

Hanukkah Blog 7

December 15, 2020  |  By Brian Hatheway

Wild Beers vs. Clean Beers
Most beer drinkers are familiar with styles like Amber Ale, IPA, Pilsner, and Stout. These would be what we refer to as “clean” beer styles. And that is because of one ingredient - yea...

Hanukkah Blog 6

Hanukkah Blog 6

December 14, 2020  |  By Taylor McCune  |  Edited by Brian Hatheway

QUIZ: Are You As Smart as a Beer Guide?
It takes just four ingredients to make beer, but don’t let the simplicity of its makeup fool you into thinking there isn’t much to talk...

Hanukkah Blog 5

Hanukkah Blog 5

December 13, 2020  |  By Brian Hatheway  |  Art by Alicia Fitzmaurice

What's the Difference? A Quick Look at Four IPA Styles
IPA, Double IPA, New England IPA, English IPA - there are seemingly endless ways to take this famously hoppy style and...

Hanukkah Blog 4

Hanukkah Blog 4

December 12, 2020  |  By Kalimah Mustafa

Drunken Dreidels: 8 Drinking Games to Play This Hanukkah
Are you looking for more ways to incorporate craft beer into Hanukkah? Try one of these eight drinking games! No need to search the house for s...

Hanukkah Blog 3

Hanukkah Blog 3

December 11, 2020  |  By Todd Summers

Is My Beer Kosher? A Look at Purity Laws
One of my favorite words in the beer language is ‘Reinheitsgebot ’—the word for the most famous of the German Beer Purity Laws, which was enacted in 1516. The law sta...

Hanukkah Blog 2

Hanukkah Blog 2

December 11, 2020  |  By Kalimah Mustafa

What's that Flavor? An Introduction to the Tasting Wheel
In this blog, we’re going to talk a little bit more about the Beer Tasting Wheel included in the booklet. The wheel breaks down each aspect of t...

Hanukkah Blog 1

Hanukkah Blog 1

December 10, 2020  |  By CBT Staff

A Brief Introduction to Beer Appraisal
Welcome to the first night of the Hoppy Hanukkah Craft Beer Experience, brought to you by City Brew Tours . By now, you should have popped open your box and read through y...


Below you’ll find a digital copy of your booklet, the tasting wheel and our beer appraisal chart. We encourage you to have the tasting wheel and appraisal chart handy during our live appraisal streams so you can really dig into each beer with us!


Frequently Asked Questions

How does this work?
You’ll open one window of your box on each day of Hanukkah (in order from 1 to 8). Inside you’ll find a craft beer and maybe a little something extra too ;). On the first night, you’ll enjoy Beer #1 on your own, using the Hanukkah booklet and the first night’s blog post to guide you as you taste. On nights 2-8 (Dec. 11-17) we’re going live with nightly beer appraisal, discussion, dreidel spinning and drop ins from special beer industry guests. Those live streams will begin at 9 PM Eastern time and can be viewed on Zoom, Facebook and YouTube. You’ll find links to each stream in the sidebar. You’ll also find blog content posted each day that builds upon the beer appraisal and discussion from the previous night’s live stream.

Will the live stream be available to watch later?
You can watch our recorded live streams on our YouTube channel after they’ve wrapped.

How do I contact you if I need assistance?
Email [email protected] or call us at 888-623-8687.

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