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Unbox Handcrafted Beer

There’s no beer quite as good as the beer you make at home. Give your guests the opportunity to learn something new PLUS the promise of a full case of beer to enjoy! This interactive activity includes a reusable beer-making kit, ingredients to make 2.5 gallons of beer, and 90 minutes of interactive, online fun. Your guests will love connecting with each other over this shared experience and swapping tasting notes about the finished product a couple of weeks later.

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two people brewing beer

Enjoy a Brew Day Together

Unboxed’s Beer Making Experience requires no prior brewing knowledge—if you can boil water, you can make beer too! Beer making starts with the brewing process. Participants will start with a stock pot full of boiling water, then measure and add grain, malt extract and hops to create a finished wort—or pre-fermented beer. Your beer making host will show you each step of the process in detail as you follow along.

man getting help from brewing instructor

Interactive Virtual Experience

Each Beer Making Experience is live and fully interactive. Guests can chat with each other and their host while they make their beer and prepare it for fermentation. This casual experience fosters connections between participants, and gives them something to bond over!

beer recipe kit



We can include customized items with each beer making kit, such as branded notecards and pint glasses. We also offer a tasting experience add-on. Once the beer is ready, get the brew crew back together for a complimentary virtual beer tasting. Let us know your event goals, and we will plan an unforgettable Beer Making Experience for you and your team.

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