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Beer Events at Home


City Brew Tours brings fully interactive craft beer experiences to anyone, anywhere via live video conference. Our beer making class, The Live Homebrew Experience, requires no prior knowledge and includes a beginner’s brew kit with all necessary materials and live instruction. The Beer & Cheese Pairing Experience takes a look at the intricacies of tasting, appraising and pairing beer with cheese. Choose which interactive, online experience is right for you!

Beer & Cheese Pairing Happy Hour

Ever wonder what cheese pairs with what wine and why? Nah, we haven’t either! Beer on the other hand, now you’re speaking our language!

Pairing beer and cheese is a science and an art. Our expert guides will take you through the ins and outs of what to drink with a sharp cheddar versus a creamy blue cheese and more!

What does the Beer & Cheese Pairing Home Happy Hour include?

  • 1 hour of guided beer and cheese edutainment led by an expert CBT guide, but stay and hang out as long as you’d like afterward
  • Learn how the professionals appraise their beer.
  • Enjoy the Happy Hour from the comfort of your own home with whichever beer and cheese you can find locally on your next supermarket run.
  • Join any public event to meet new people, or buy out the session so all your friends can have a private party from your own homes!


More Beer & Cheese Pairing Details

What do I need to participate in this virtual happy hour? 

You need to have at least two types of CHEESE. However, we recommend having at least three of the following because who doesn’t like cheese!

1 – FRESH (No Rind) – Example: Ricotta or Mozzarella

2 – AGED FRESH CHEESE – Example: Similar to above but made with Goat’s milk

3 – SOFT WHITE RIND – Example: Camembert or Brie

4 – SEMI-SOFT –  Example: Munster and Gouda

5 – HARD – Example: Cheddar or Gruyere

6 – BLUE – Example: Gorgonzola or Roquefort

You should have your favorite BEER on hand, but a variety of beers is better. Pairings are best experienced when you have beer styles with varying characteristics (ie. Stout vs IPA).

If you are really looking to party, grab some dark or milk chocolate too!

Can I have my beer and cheese delivered?

Private experiences can include hand-delivered or shipped custom pairing boxes. Inquire HERE.

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The Live Homebrew Experience

Always wanted to try homebrewing? Not sure where to start? Overwhelmed by which kit to buy? We’ll cover all of that and more! Many of our guides that you already know and love from our tours are avid homebrewers with decades of combined experience. They’ll lead you through the process with humor and history, just like on our award-winning tours, but you can complete this whole experience from inside your own kitchen.

What does the Live Homebrew Experience include? 

  • CBT Homebrew Essentials kit. We curated the perfect kit for beginners with only the essential equipment to get the job done. Providing ease of use and safety, with minimum investment, shipped right to your door.
  • Virtual home-brewing instruction and entertainment from a live guide. Approximately 3 hours in total.
  • Ingredients kit which you will transform into 2.5 gallons of delicious beer. That’s a full case to share with your friends and family! If you are really looking to experience the joys of homebrewed beer, check out our new “Master the Brew” monthly subscription service.
More Homebrew Experience Details

Who is this virtual event for?

Everyone! Unlike our tours, this virtual event is family-friendly. Whether you are looking for something to do while you’re quarantined or want to homeschool your kids on the science of fermentation, we’ve created this virtual class to be accessible to all ages and skill levels.

How do I receive my beer making kit and ingredients?

We utilize a third party supplier that will direct ship your kit and ingredients to make 2.5 gallons (1 case) of beer to your home prior to the event.

Can I choose what type of beer I want to brew?

At the moment our classes cover two different beer styles: American Pale Ale or Amber Ale. For only $40 extra, you can add a secondary recipe of either an American IPA or Nut Brown Ale to make another batch on your own!

Is there anything else I’ll need to participate in the event?

We provide pretty much everything you’ll need to participate in this virtual class. A few items you likely already have on hand we didn’t include because we want to keep your costs down.

  1. One stockpot, at least 12 quarts – if you don’t have one, order from Walmart.com for under $15 –> BUY STOCKPOT HERE
  2. Approximately 5 lbs of ice
  3. Large spoon to stir contents of the stockpot
  4. Kitchen stove and sink
  5. Broadband wi-fi connection and webcam
  6. Kitchen food scale, recommended, measuring cups can be used if unavailable.
How much does it cost to participate in the Live Homebrew Experience?

The base cost of the event is $99 per session which includes your first batch! This price could increase depending on which bottling options you choose during check out.

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