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7 BEST VIRTUAL BIRTHDAY PARTIES: Quarantine birthday ideas to both celebrate and #stayhome

Want to create a unique experience for yourself or a loved one whose birthday falls during lockdown this year? Here are 7 ideas for professionally led virtual experiences and do-it-yourself zoom party ideas that will spice up your special day while you’re stuck at home.


Beer & Cheese Happy Hour

Check out City Brew Tours live, at-home experiences led by beer and brewing experts. They offer two online experiences that you can enjoy as you celebrate with all of your friends and family members. The first is the Beer & Cheese Pairing Happy Hour, where you will be guided through an exquisite introduction to the art of pairing cheese with beer.

These fun and interactive sessions are the perfect way to break up the monotony of your basic birthday video calls. You can buy out the session, or book it as a private experience. Not only are the private sessions designated exclusively to you and your friends, but they also come with premium add-on options, like door-to-door cheese delivery, or custom pairing boxes.


Alina Grubnayak

Keep in touch with the fine arts by taking a digital trip to the museum and discussing it with your friends. Many museums, especially now, are offering virtual tours of their collections. Pick a museum or two, and all of your friends can explore their most interesting pieces together in real time.

Have fun discussing all the brilliant works of art in museums around the world over a glass (or bottle) of wine, cheese and crackers, and all of your best art snob accoutrement.


Trivia Night

Take your night to the next level with an online trivia event. Trivia Hub Live lets you enjoy this service through video chat on zoom, google hangouts, or whatever your favorite video conferencing site is.

They do all the work for you by putting together and even customizing all of the questions for your group to make it a fun game night. While you can host your own event if you prefer, they also offer professional hosts to do that for you too if you really want to relax and enjoy the party.


Bruce Mars

Hosting a virtual paint night is a convenient spin on a modern-classic birthday experience. Currently, Paint Nite is offering all of their experiences online. You can sign up through the website for a date and time, and then have your friends join in to participate from home in some colorful birthday fun.

This one might require some low-level prep, but remember that regardless of what you will be painting, as long as each person has all of the primary colors, a few brushes, and something thick enough to paint on (and some wine), they are ready to go! If you need to, you can purchase materials from Makers Craft Kits or your local craft store. Just be sure to give the orders enough time to make it to all of your guests before the painting party!


Live Homebrew Experience

If your birthday attendees are beer lovers, or you just have a group that likes to try new things, consider the Live Homebrew Experience. This class takes you from start to finish through brewing your first batch of beer, live, with direct instruction and feedback from a beer and homebrewing expert.

Everything you need to brew is included in the price and will be mailed right to your doorstep before the class begins. This beginner-friendly kit can be used again and again for future batches, which will come in handy when each guest falls in love with the brewing process and the magic of beer creation.



Go old school by hosting an old fashioned sleepover online! Have everyone arrive fully equipped in their best slumberware, teddy bear, face masks, manicure kits, snacks, some good Truth or Dare ideas, and a crush to dish about.

As the night winds down, pop some popcorn and cap things off by watching a movie together using Netflix Party to synchronize it for each of you. Put on a nice wholesome movie for a child’s birthday or the young at heart, double down on the gore with a disturbing horror, or just let the birthday boy or girl choose whatever strikes their fancy.


Ian Baldwin

Many businesses right now are offering online experiences to stay afloat during social distancing. Look into some of your (or your guest of honor’s) favorite local businesses to see what interesting events or services are being offered!

Whether or not you choose an event hosted by a business that has newly gone digital, you can still pack a punch with your dollar by buying your alcohol straight from the distilleries and breweries in your area, ordering any decorations or party accessories from local arts and crafts shops, and purchasing (or urging your friends to purchase) any gifts from the businesses you want to support.

Having a birthday during social distancing doesn’t mean you have to be alone. And having a video chat birthday party doesn’t have to condemn you to shuffling between the same cheap beers and zoom backgrounds. Get creative and make this birthday the one to remember!

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