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An all-inclusive tour of Montreal’s best breweries



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From the festivals to the overwhelming foodies spots, YUL have some of the North America’s best breweries. Complete with backstage VIP access, food pairings and more. The best thing about it? YOU DRINK, WE DRIVE. VIP tours of Montreal’s breweries such as Messorem Bracitorium, Avant-Garde, 4 Origins and many more.

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The attraction of a city often lies in its well-kept secrets. Housed in neighborhoods on the outskirts of the city center, off the beaten track, Montreal’s microbreweries arouse curiosity and are worth the detour. We have carefully selected some of the best producers in Montreal to offer you an unforgettable craft beer experience in one of the best cities in Canada.

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Drinking a beer is good, but what if you could taste up to 16 different craft beers, as one of our expert Beer Guides avoids every pothole and construction in Montreal to provide the ultimate craft beer experience; all you have to do is lift your glass. During your 3 to 5 hour tour you will have unique access to 3-4 of Montreal’s best local breweries and will enjoy a gourmet beer-paired meal. Explore the history and excitement of Montreal through the most complete beer experience offered in the city.

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