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August Guide of the Month: Chris Emr

It’s that time, and we’re celebrating another Guide of the Month! This months guide works Washington, DC, but that doesn’t stop him from getting around to other places! I asked Chris a couple of questions about on the job, and off. From robots to golf, read all about it!

Me at the Asahi Beer building in Tokyo, Japan with the Tokyo Sky Tree in the background
Before you worked at City Brew Tours, what was the most interesting or unusual job you’ve ever had?

Most interesting job prior to City Brew Tours, albeit not a paid position, was when I was the chair for robotics teams. We qualified and competed in a national competition that year.

What interested you in City Brew Tours, how has the company changed since you started? 

Connections in the beer community was a great draw to CBT, along with an opportunity to meet and entertain new people. Over the past two years I’ve seen CBT become more professional and inclusive. The company has great communication with all tours guides, new and seasoned.

Repping Hellbender beer from near the summit of Mt. Fugi
Hands down, best tour you’ve ever done?

The best was definitely the tour I took with my girlfriend when Isaac was our guide. Shout out to Brian as well for giving me a great Pittsburgh tour last month. As for tours I’ve run, there was a fantastic private bachelor party where I picked up and realized the majority of the tour was from my high school. I knew most of them and had a great time talking about beer and catching up with some old friends.

If you could have a beer with anybody in history, who? What would the beer be?

Nikola Tesla, he was an avid fan of the health aspects of alcohol. He was in America during the early 1900s and firmly believed he would have lived until he was 150 if not for prohibition. Read his article ‘chewing gum more fatal than rum’ for a great perspective.

What words of wisdom do you have for anybody taking a tour?

Growlers and backpacks and backpacks are a must. You will want to bring beer home with you!

Last book you read?

I’ve been working my way through some classic Sci-fi novels. Currently involved in the Foundation trilogy.

What beer is in your fridge/cellar right now?

I have a growler of Port City Oktoberfest. Can’t wait for DC Brau’s. I love this time of year for beer.

It’s your day off, what are you doing?

If it’s only one day off I might be on the golf course. If I have a couple weeks off I’ll be traveling. Last year was Japan, this year is Scotland!


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