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The Best Boston Shore Excursion: City Brew Tours

The allure of Boston’s craft beer is too strong to resist! For that, City Brew Tours Boston is here to transport you round-trip on the best Boston cruise excursion that will provide you with amazing craft beer–but that’s not all. Allow us to escort you on this Boston shore excursion, straight from the cruise ship, to the van, to the breweries, and right back to port. Cheers! Whether you’re on Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Norwegian, or Holland America, you will have this wonderful opportunity to tour Boston’s craft beer scene, initiating yourself into the movement as you sightsee along the way.


Cruise Boston’s Renown Beer Scene 

At one point in Boston’s beer history, the city had the most breweries per capita in the country. From its start, Boston’s beer played a large role in the lives of settlers, from the Mayflower pilgrims (they stopped because they ran out of beer!) to the general health of the colonists. It also played a role in the states’ independence since the sparks of the American Revolution ignited within the walls of a Bostonian tavern, the Green Dragon. Today, the greater Boston area is home to over 20 craft breweries, cider houses, and distilleries, as well as the largest craft brewery in the state. Spending your Boston cruise excursion with City Brew Tours Boston will provide you with a experiential history lesson that is more fun than you can even imagine.

By Dedicated Locals, For Curious Tourists

City Brew Tours Boston provides round-trip transportation to local breweries, making this cruise excursion the easiest one-stop-shop for experiencing the magic of Boston from its very own locals–the city’s living heartbeat. Your hilarious and expert beer guide, who doubles as your designated driver, will bestow his/her breadth of beer knowledge upon you as you travel through Boston proper and its outskirts, so you can use this cruise excursion to experience the surrounding areas as well. S/he will escort you right back to the Boston cruise port on time so you can leave your worries at the door and enjoy the fun of a Boston brewery tour.



Get exactly what you want on your Boston cruise excursion: Beer!

This safe and easy way to get around the city on a cruise excursion isn’t even the best part; you’ll see three local breweries where you’ll sample upwards of 12 different craft beverages. What shore excursion brings you to the best craft beverages around and lets you take some with you? Our tour will take you to a cider house or distillery where you’ll learn the art of distilling in comparison to brewing and get to sample many of their unique, special creations to make for an unforgettable cruise excursion. 



Cruising Through Boston’s Beer Scene

This cruise excursion is unlike any other about which you’ve heard in the past–you’ll get an authentic experience of  Boston’s craft beer movement and discover what Boston and its surrounding area’s craft breweries have to offer. When you’re off the cruise ship and hanging with us, you get to walk through the double doors labeled “Staff Only” and see what a Bostonian microbrewery looks like on another average day, but you are definitely not the average customer.


So, what do you say? Will you drink in the city with us?
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