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The Best Corporate Team Outings are Brewed

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When it is time to step out of the office or conference with your employees and coworkers, it is also one of the best times to share some delicious craft beers. People have come together over pints of ale for literally thousands of years to relax and unwind with help from the world’s oldest social lubricator.

Luckily, the current craft beer revolution is making it easier and more interesting for companies to come together in fun and unique locations in cities around the world.

Here are a few ways you can incorporate the fun and delicious world of local craft beer into your next team outing.


Go on a brewery tour

What better way is there to connect with your peers over a pint of beer than to organize your office outing at a local brewery?

Many local breweries have plenty of space for private events that provide your team of employees some privacy and space to spread out. Because of the nature of the business, it is common for breweries to be located in large, open warehouses.

It is common for local breweries to offer behind-the-scenes tours to private groups. With a brewery tour, you’re introducing your employees to a special treat of high-quality, freshly brewed beer while learning information about the ingredients used to make great beer and the brewing process. Your employees will have a blast learning about and supporting another local business.


Have transportation provided

Why visit just one brewery when you can instead check out several with the help of a highly-trained and expert guide?

Tours are given in a large vehicle, typically a bus or van, that can accommodate seating for many employees at one time. Provided transportation takes a lot of the logistics of planning for team building events out of your hands, such as parking and carpooling. These brewery tours include multiple stops at local breweries, which will extend the amount of time on the team outing to help build employee relationships and teamwork.

A charismatic and knowledgeable guide also helps keep your team outing engaging throughout the day. While you visit each new brewery, your team will learn all about thousands of years of beer history and how beer is made. The guide will give insight on how local beer makers whip up the delicious craft brews you enjoy.


Make the beer and entertainment come to you

If you can’t get out of your office or conference center, don’t worry—the brewery can come to you! We offer the option to have trained guides visit you with beer samples to taste.

This package includes all of the entertainment and historical knowledge of a brewery tour, but the samples and guide visit your location at your convenience. Through private tours, the guide can interact with you and your employees on your home turf in a private setting, meaning you don’t have to travel with your employees anywhere. Your team building event still gets to have fun and enjoy samples of local craft beer, but you don’t have to bother over the logistics of travel.


Visit a local craft beer bar

Bringing your employees on a team bonding experience to a local craft beer bar can be a relaxing and spirited way to get everyone out of the office.

Craft beer bars can have extensive tap lists that provide dozens of options for even the pickiest drinker in your group. Let a knowledgeable bartender guide you through a menu of diverse craft beers and handmade cocktails.

Many local craft beer bars offer private rooms for corporate team outings that your company can book in advance. These bars often provide food and catering options, or you can hire a professional catering company to provide food to your employees. Local food trucks also make great food options for a company outing, as these locally owned businesses are mobile and provide trendy, high-quality meals. Your employees will have a great time enjoying delicious meals while they sip on local craft beers.


Enjoy a beer-paired lunch

Bring everyone together for mouthwatering meals and craft beer and learn how food is paired with your favorite brews. With hundreds of beer styles made available by modern breweries, it can seem daunting to figure out how to pair them with your favorite foods.

This beer-paired lunch is fun, easy, and everyone will enjoy it! Bring in a caterer and a beer guide and you can learn fun tricks for beer pairing while your employees enjoy midday treats together.

Whatever your company outing may be, including some fresh and tasty local beer is a great way to bring everyone together and relax when they’re taking a break. Your employees will bond and get to know each other a bit better while they enjoy tasting and learning more about one of the world’s favorite beverages.

Getting them out of the office—or bringing their favorite craft breweries to your own space—to enjoy fantastic beer and great food will help them return to work feeling refreshed and connected!

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