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October Guide of the Month: Tim

Tim joined the team at City Brew Tours just three months ago and has already guided more than 800 guests through our online beer events! As a longtime craft beer connoisseur, his expertise in both beer appraisal and homebrewing make him a natural as a CBT beer guide. Tim hails from Baltimore and is looking forward to guiding tours of the Charm City’s best breweries as soon as we can safely reopen there.

Meet Tim


October Guide of the Month, Tim!

What do you do when you aren’t guiding?

I like to play volleyball, shoot archery and relax with family and friends.

Which city are you from and how long have you lived there?

I’m from Baltimore and have lived here for a little over 8 years. I recently bought a home up in Bel Air, MD, but still close enough to guide tours in the city.

Tell us something weird or surprising about your city!

Baltimore puts tomatoes and lettuce…on their cheesesteaks! I grew up right outside of Philadelphia and that was the weirdest thing I had to get used to when I first moved here.

When did you taste your first craft beer? Were you into it, or did it take you some time to warm up?

I won’t put my age, but it was very early on in my beer drinking journey and I was immediately hooked. The taste and flavor in comparison to the cheap beer I’d had prior was amazing. I’m glad now that my budget can support this habit more appropriately.

How did you get into the beer/beverage industry?

I’ve wanted to get into beer/brewing for a long time and luckily saw a posting for a guide with CBT and have loved it so far.

What types of tours/experiences have you guided?

I’ve currently only done virtual Beer & Cheese Happy Hours and Live Homebrews, but I’m looking forward to doing my first in-person tour soon.

Tell us about a memorable moment during one of your tours/experiences. 

I did a Beer & Cheese Happy Hour with a group that was from Peru. The dad of the family ended up talking me through some local Peruvian beers and tastes. He was also a homebrewer of both beer and wine so we ended up spending most of the time comparing notes.

Online experiences are new to CBT. Do you think they have staying power? Why?

Absolutely. I think they offer a different perspective and element. I think even after Covid-19 people are going to stay virtual and be looking for a way to connect employees all over the country.

Regardless of what you drink the most, if your personality was a beer style, which would you be? 

I would most likely say a Belgian Wit because I’m easy going, versatile and liked by most people 😀

What’s your favorite drinking game?

My friends and I created a game called Beer Hockey which I love to play. If you want to learn I’d be more than happy to share the rules! [Editor’s Note: We’ll be following up with Tim on that promise]

Tim carries his fiancée across the threshold of their new home earlier this year.

Do you have pets? 

No pets, just my fiancé and me. Here’s a picture of us walking into our new house earlier this year!

Which beers are your go-tos?

I usually always have a Belgian Tripel and Dogfish Head Seaquench in my fridge. I usually try and grab a variety pack to keep up with what’s new and interesting.

Where is your favorite place to grab a beer?

Black Forest Tap house is my new local watering hole which has great variety and food.

Finish the sentence: Craft beer tastes best when…


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