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Boston Brew Tour van
Tour guests ready to go inside the City Brew Tours van


Having a beer guide/designated driver to take visitors to breweries can be an excellent way to explore the world of craft beer while ensuring everyone stays safe and enjoys the experience to the fullest. A beer guide is an expert in all things beer, from the brewing process to the different styles of beer available. They can help visitors navigate the brewery scene, provide insights on different beer styles and flavors, and help visitors find the best beers to match their tastes. Additionally, a designated driver ensures that everyone stays safe and can fully enjoy the experience without worrying about transportation.

Going on a brewery tour with a beer guide and designated driver also provides visitors with the opportunity to learn about the local brewing scene and its history. Visitors can learn about the different breweries in the area, the stories behind the beers, and the brewing techniques used to create them. They can also experience the unique atmosphere of each brewery, from the rustic charm of a traditional brewpub to the sleek modernity of a craft brewery. Overall, going on a brewery tour with a beer guide and designated driver is a great way to explore the local beer scene, learn about different beer styles, and enjoy a fun and safe experience with friends and family.

Our tours pick up at The Brewhouse Inn and Suites – 1215 N. 10th Street, Milwaukee, WI 53205. The Brewhouse Inn was formerly part of the Pabst Brewery Complex. Street Parking is available, and the Brewery District Parking Structure is just one block away at 902 W. Juneau Avenue.

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