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Raleigh’s Good Times on Tap

There’s no substitute for freshness, and in order to get the freshest beer you need to drink it right at the source!  This philosophy is why City Brew Tours Raleigh has cultivated relationships with the best breweries the City of Oaks has to offer, allowing us exclusive access to the breweries and equipment responsible for the city’s finest beers!

Our brewery partners range from the small operations in the heart of downtown to larger facilities in the greater Raleigh area that produce MASSIVE volumes of beer annually.  We hand-select our brewery partners to ensure we’re featuring the highest quality craft beer on all of our tours, and our goal is to show you why Raleigh is a top craft-beer consumer in the nation!

Note that all our featured breweries will not be visited in a single tour (All the more reason to join us again and again!)

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Tours are currently suspended until further notice. Check out available tours in other locations.

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