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Gizmo was founded by 5 owners brought together by a love of craft beer. Starting out in 2013 producing only 60 gallon batches of beer – Gizmo was a passion project that has expanded rapidly over the years – growing to over 2000 barrels produced annually! Variety is the spice of life – and beer! Gizmo is famed for producing over 50 distinct beers in a given year, with wide style representation ensuring that any guests can find a beer they’ll love! This is possible through the use of 2 separate brewhouses and a passionate team! After completion of their satellite taproom in Chapel Hill and their expanded 20bbl brewhouse in January of 2020 – Gizmo shifted some of their attention to packaged beer. You can now find over 20+ packaged varieties of Gizmo beer in North Carolina! Gizmo has also undertaken an expansion into Durham in 2022 as well – with another satellite taproom, and now has 3 facilities open to the public!


5907 Triangle Drive, Raleigh, NC 27617


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