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Let The Good Times Roll…And The Good Beer Flow

There’s something about fresh craft beer that just can’t be beat. Picture yourself this weekend, sat at one of Charlotte’s most precious local craft beer breweries, sipping on the stuff you love surrounded by your best friends. Better yet, imagine stepping behind the scenes to explore the secrets behind the tap.

With our brewery partners, there’s no need to imagine. Explore Charlotte’s very best local breweries and savor a freshly prepared collection of the city’s best craft beer and accompanying bites. Witness the magic behind every drop in your glass, with newfound knowledge on the barley and hops blends that make great moments even greater.

From quaint and charming independent nano-breweries to their large-scale regional counterparts, we’ll show you as much as we can on your brewery tour in Charlotte, unearthing the delicious creativity and culture in the city’s incredible craft-beer world.

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