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Christian – City Coordinator & Partner

As a Highland bagpiper, Christian has been around pubs and breweries performing, and this is where he found a love of craft beer.  Since moving to Cleveland in 2002, his background as a public relations professional allows him to showcase/showoff all the new adventures for Clevelanders, including the bursting craft beer scene. He’s always for hearing a favorite beer story!

Favorite Beers: Market Garden’s Wee Heavy Wallace Scotch Ale and Citramax IPA, Great Lakes Brewing Co.’s Eliot Ness Amber Lager, Terrestrial’s Fanboi Hazy IPA, and a good Saison.

Kevin Thompson – Beer Guide

Kevin was born and raised on Cleveland’s east side but is regularly caught in brewpubs all over Cleveland. He was just waiting to HOP into the beer scene; just a month after he turned 21 he became a home brewer!
Likes: Kayaking, hiking, homebrewing, The Office, CBJ hockey, punk rock, the gym, coffee, dogs
Dislikes: Contaminated beer, really really long brew days, old coffee, wasted beer, bad haircuts

Favorite Beers: Great Lakes: Chill Wave Double IPA, Unibroue: Terrible, Noble Beast: Widowmaker, Terrestrial: Morning Halp. Too many to count!