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Christian – City Coordinator & Partner

As a Highland bagpiper, Christian has been around pubs and breweries performing, and this is where he found a love of craft beer.  Since moving to Cleveland in 2002, his background as a public relations professional allows him to showcase/showoff all the new adventures for Clevelanders, including the bursting craft beer scene. He’s always for hearing a favorite beer story!

Favorite Beers: Market Garden’s Wee Heavy Wallace Scotch Ale and Citramax IPA, Great Lakes Brewing Co.’s Eliot Ness Amber Lager, Terrestrial’s Fanboi Hazy IPA, and a good Saison.

Kevin – Beer Guide

Kevin was born and raised on Cleveland’s east side but is regularly caught in brewpubs all over Cleveland. He was just waiting to HOP into the beer scene; just a month after he turned 21 he became a home brewer!
Likes: Kayaking, hiking, homebrewing, The Office, CBJ hockey, punk rock, the gym, coffee, dogs
Dislikes: Contaminated beer, really really long brew days, old coffee, wasted beer, bad haircuts

Favorite Beers: Great Lakes: Chill Wave Double IPA, Unibroue: Terrible, Noble Beast: Widowmaker, Terrestrial: Morning Halp. Too many to count!

Bob – Beer Guide

Born and raised in Cleveland Ohio, Bob has had a passion for craft brewing and the Cleveland Craft brewing scene. Bob had his first pint of Heisman (Now Dortmunder Gold) at Great Lakes Brewing on their second day of operation in September of 1988 and it was a game changer. You can find Bob making the rounds at all of the local breweries “researching” new releases and talking beer, breweries, and sports with other patrons. Bob also volunteers at all of the Cleveland Beer festivals and has represented Market Garden Brewing at the Great American Beer Festival in Denver which he and his son attend regularly. Family, Friends, Guitars and Martial Arts keep Bob busy. Never bored, always ready for a beer and conversation.

Favorite Beers: Edmond Fitzgerald Porter from Great Lakes, Chinook Strike from Market Garden, Terrestrials Public Pilsner, Brick and Barrel’s Bitter Chief and Collision Bend’s Saison De Bruell