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Guests sit around tables in Strange Roots' taproom

Strange Roots' in Pittsburgh, PA, has a busy outdoor patio.

There isn’t anything that can describe Strange Roots better than their slogan: Wild by Design.

Dennis started studying different yeast strains (critters) when he was 17. His interest in critters grew to enormous levels and shortly after he was able to convince his mother to let him brew beer – “guaranteeing” her that he wouldn’t drink a drop so long as he could ferment it. Strange Roots is one of several thousand breweries in the country, but the number of breweries making beer in the old traditions and using indigenous microbes like Strange Roots could be counted on fingers and toes. Dennis was content to make beer in rain buckets, but his wife, Jaclyn, was able to persuade him to build an $800 system from scrap to found their commercial operations in 2009. We can’t guarantee that you’ll find any beer here that sits perfectly in a conventional beer style, but we’re pretty sure Dennis and Jaclyn wouldn’t have it any other way.


501 E Ohio St
Pittsburgh, PA 15209


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