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Moms and Beer

The Relationship Between Beer and Motherhood

Growing up, I never understood why it always seemed like moms were supposed to drink wine and dads were supposed to drink beer. Then, I got older and learned about these stupid, contrived things called gender roles. I also learned a lot of other awful things that make it extremely difficult for me to sleep at night and nearly impossible to feel anything resembling joy during the day, but I’ll save that for another blog. It turns out that if I’d grown up in Portland, I may have been even more confused by these “norms.” According to beer writer Bart Watson, Portland women dominate the female craft beer drinking demographic (although more women elsewhere are starting to crack open handmade cold ones). Anyway, *my* mom always loved beer.

I was born and raised in Reading, Pennsylvania, not far from Pottsville, the home of D.G. Yuengling & Son, Inc., the nation’s oldest functioning brewery. Go into any bar in eastern PA and ask for a lager, and you’ll be poured a Yuengling by default. Growing up, this was always my standard for beer.

Actually, that sounds bad. That makes it sound like my mom was giving me beer as a child. She was not. In all fairness, she rightfully has no idea how I ended up as a writer/tour guide/comedian in Portland, Oregon, but she supports me unconditionally regardless. She doesn’t *have* to do that. Realistically, she owes me nothing. I recognize that I am extraordinarily privileged in that regard.

I have a lot of fun suggesting different beers for my mom to try and figuring out what she might like. Of course, she enjoys Yuengling, a pre-prohibition-style amber lager. But there’s also Corona and Stella Artois in her fridge. I usually suggest to her local (she lives in Florida now) cream ales, pilsners, and golden ales.

Not only does beer make motherhood a little easier, it’s perfectly fine for breastfeeding mothers to drink (in moderation, of course…but I’m probably not one to talk). Because beer contains so much barley, it also contains a carbohydrate called polysaccharide which can aid in stimulating the release of prolactin. Josh Bernstein has gone so far as to curate a list of the “9 Milk Stouts to Drink If You’re Breastfeeding – or Just Thirsty.”

Personally, I can’t think of a better beer mama expert than BREWVANA founder, Ashley Rose Salvitti. The folks over at GrowlerWerks have declared her their Resident Beer Mama, and she’s got some beer picks for you over there as well.

So I encourage you, BREWVANA friend, to raise a pint to the badass beer mothers in your life! Hell, raise a pint regardless of whether or not the mommas in your life like beer. Maybe the least you can do is help them find a style they enjoy (perhaps BREWVANA can help…). Or just give them a call. Seriously, call your mom. Cheers!