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Wild Holidays, Sour Scrooge

Posted 11/26/18

‘Tis the season for sipping seasonal beers!

Okay, well, every season has seasonal beers, and I’m not complaining. However, if there’s one thing the winter holiday season is known for above all others – it’s eating! Want to pair great food and chocolate with seasonal brews? BREWVANA is offering a new special, limited edition three-stop holiday tour that pairs beer with food and chocolate. Take a ride on the wild side where we visit Von Ebert’s brand new eastside location, Ranger Chocolate, and VoiceBox Karaoke!

You may be familiar with Von Ebert’s iconic Pearl District location. Guests enjoy smoked wings and expertly crafted brews while watching Timbers and Thorns matches on a routine basis. With their brand new eastside location, Von Ebert is upping their beer game with an even wider variety of seasonal and experimental brews. Specifically, we can look forward to some freaky, funky barrel fermented wild ales. On a BREWVANA Holiday Dinner Tour, we’ll pair these lovely libations with a delicious dinner of your choosing.

Von Ebert’s brewers are no strangers to working with brettanomyces, a form of yeast typically used in open fermentation to brew Belgian-inspired sours. Their new location gives them more space to experiment with this and other strains of yeast that are usually a nuisance when brewing or barrel aging more typical styles of ales and lagers. As these yeasts are more aggressive than the usual domesticated brewer’s yeasts (saccharomyces), they can very easily contaminate other beers. While this contamination is undesirable in most beers, it’s actually exactly what we’re looking for in any good openly fermented sour style ale. We want a complex melange of fruity tartness, funk, and fungus. Brewers describe wilder strains of yeast as producing a “barnyard” flavor. I’m into it. I feel like if you love a good farmhouse, how weird can a barnyard really be?

But even if you don’t love sour beers, a BREWVANA experience will help you appreciate why so many other drinkers do. Better still, there is a vast variety of craft goodness included in every BREWVANA experience. No part of the flavor spectrum is excluded.

Other serious sour makers in the heart of Beer City include Cascade Barrel House, which you can visit on a BREWVANA Create Your Own Dream Tour, and Upright Brewing, the designated brewery stop on a BREWVANA Beers and Barrels Tour.