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Brent – Beer Guide

Of all the terms used to describe Brent’s life, “ordinary” is not among them. A soldier since his late teens, Brent traveled and lived across the globe from Hawaii to the Middle East (and he’s got the stories and scars to prove it). You can find him exploring exotic locales and writing reviews on local craft beers. No matter if you’re up high (he’s a parachutist) or down low (he’s an avid tech diver and surfer), Brent has you covered on all your beer and adventure needs.

Favorite beers: 51 Rye by Monument City, 206 IPA by Oliver, Born Bohemian Pils by Denizens, TropiCannon by Heavy Seas, Cardinal Rules by Waverly

Isaac – Beer Guide

Isaac is a Baltimore City native who spends his free time brewing and fermenting a variety of beers, ciders, meads, and fruit wines. As a cultural anthropologist and world traveler, he has sampled local brews in countries across Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East. When not engaged in fermentation-related hobbies, he spends his time reading or roaming the city with Xena, his Australian cattle dog.

Favorite beers: Dogfish Head’s Raison D’Etre, Goonda Beersmith’s OJI Double IPA, and Full Sail’s Session Lager.
Most unusual beer encountered while traveling: Urwagwa, a Rwandan beer made from millet and roasted bananas.

Max – Beer Guide

Max is a Baltimore area native who spends his free time homebrewing with his wife, Becky (a microbiologist at UMD). They are both members of a local homebrew club, Baltibrew, where they enjoy learning from other homebrewers in the community. When not giving tours or hanging out at a local brewery, you’ll find Max is a competitive board game enthusiast who is probably plotting the next game session with friends.

Favorite Beers: Tired Hands: HopHands, Union: Snow Pants, Monument City: 51 Rye, Breckenridge: Vanilla Porter

Mike – Beer Guide

Mike is a lifelong Maryland resident, newly moved to Baltimore.  His free time is spent homebrewing a variety of beer styles on an indoor-electric brewing system, PC gaming, exercising and traveling.  Several years of experience in the Information Technology sector allow him to bring a unique perspective to his tours and enhance his understanding of the local craft beer scene in Baltimore.  Several European excursions have given him a love for international beers, but the local Baltimore breweries will always be his favorites!

Favorite Beers: Orkney Brewery: Skull Splitter,  Andechser: Volbier Hell, Heavy Seas: Tropicannon, Oliver Brewing Co: 3 Lions, Jailbreak Brewing: Welcome to Scoville

Brian – Beer Guide

Brian has lived within 15 minutes of Baltimore for his whole life except for his college years at Salisbury University. He first learned to brew beer for a Scottish history class in college. He had to bring the beer off-campus to submit it, but got an A for the assignment. He bleeds Old Bay and holds a lot of pride for his state. Brian’s day job is in the IT sector where he works at the same company with fellow Baltimore tour guide Mike. He brews frequently with Mike when they have time. He also is an avid PC gamer and enjoys spending time outdoors with his wife Danielle and dog Bella.

Favorite Beers: Heavy Seas – Tropicannon, Waverly Brewing Co. – MANGO’AT, Rogue – Dead Guy Ale, Oliver Brewing Co. – Balls to the Walls, Boulder Brewing Co. – Mojo Risin’ Double IPA

Evan – Beer Guide

Evan is relatively new to the Baltimore area, but not to beer! He started homebrewing over 10 years ago and then in 2014 decided to enroll at University California San Diego to learn professional commercial brewing. Since graduating he has worked as a brewer and cellarman as well as working in distribution and brewery equipment. Not content with his commercial beer background he decided to add beer tourism to his repertoire. Evan knows the in’s and out’s of all things beer and wants to share his knowledge with Charm City!

Favorite Beers: Monument City – 51 Rye, Bells – Two Hearted Ale, Amplified Ale Works – Juice Springsteen, Union – Duckpin Pale

Brad – Beer Guide

A Baltimore native, Brad started out as a tour guide in college where he learned to master the art of walking backward and talking at the same time (it’s harder than it looks). Ironically, this was about the same time he started “researching” beer and sharing that passion with others. He must have known one day he would work for City Brew Tours. Brad has taken folks out on the open water as a stand-up paddleboard guide in Delaware, into the mountains as a ski/snowboard guide in Maryland, and along the Shenandoah River in West Virginia. This experienced guide is ready to take you on your next adventure. I can barley wait!

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