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Ryan – City Coordinator & Beer Guide

Ryan is a Maryland native, rabid sports fan, music lover and fanatical beer enthusiast. He fills his spare time with a German Shepherd mix named George and by plucking away on guitar and mandolin. Some of his other hobbies include the great outdoors, lawn games and the occasional pun.

Favorite beer style: American IPA

Favorite beers: Sierra Nevada, Dogfish Head, Natty Boh

Zach – Beer Guide

Zach is a Baltimore area native who spends most of his summer nights at Camden Yards and most winter nights at any dark and dingy music venue. Apart from leading beer tours and hanging around all of Baltimore’s breweries you can find Zach pushing bread and assorted baked goods at your local farmer’s market. Be careful not to chat him up to much if you don’t want to get into serious discussions about music, the future of cities, Presidents, or the vastness of the Universe.

Favorite Beers: Natty Boh, Monument City: 51 Rye, Ithaca: Flower Power, Victory: Summer Love

Bonus: PBR and Jim Beam combo

Isaac – Beer Guide

Isaac is a Baltimore City native who spends his free time brewing and fermenting a variety of beers, ciders, meads, and fruit wines. As a cultural anthropologist and

world traveler, he has sampled local brews in countries across Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East. When not engaged in fermentation-related hobbies, he spends his time reading or roaming the city with Xena, his Australian cattle dog.

Favorite beers: Dogfish Head’s Raison D’Etre, Goonda Beersmith’s OJI Double IPA, and Full Sail’s Session Lager.

Most unusual beer encountered while traveling: Urwagwa, a Rwandan beer made from millet and roasted bananas.

Max – Beer Guide

Max is a Baltimore area native who spends his free time homebrewing with his wife, Becky (a microbiologist at UMD). They are both members of a local homebrew club, Baltibrew, where they enjoy learning from other homebrewers in the community. When not giving tours or hanging out at a local brewery, you’ll find Max is a competitive board game enthusiast who is probably plotting the next game session with friends.

Favorite Beers: Tired Hands: HopHands, Union: Snow Pants, Monument City: 51 Rye, Breckenridge: Vanilla Porter

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