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Flying Dog Brewery is located at 4607 Wedgewood Boulevard in Frederick, Maryland. It is a brewery without pretense and with a rebellious flare that came onto the scene ahead of its time in 1990. It is the largest brewery in Maryland, established by physicist George Stranahan and his co-founding partner Richard McIntyre.

While we don’t currently offer it as one of our stops, Flying Dog is one of Baltimore’s must-see breweries. And don’t just take it from us, take it from Hunter S. Thompson, who frequented the brewpub, and shared a close bond with his dear friend (and ex-landlord) George. In fact, it was Hunter who introduced George to Ralph Steadman, the incredible artist known for his illustrations on Thompson’s books, and Flying Dog’s beer labels!

Literary history isn’t the only thing Flying Dog is rich in. They brew delicious craft beer! Pay them a visit and kick things off with their staple Raging Bitch, a Belgian IPA made with caramel malts and Warrior, Columbus, and Amarillo hops. It’s sweet, fluffy and full bodied, with a grapefruit peel aroma, fruity notes from the Belgian yeast, and is available year-round.

Another popular brew that shares the spotlight is The Truth, a piercing imperial IPA with notes of citrus and pit fruit. It’s a drinkable brew with a bitterness that’s balanced with sweetness. Truthfully, this is one of the beers you have to try when you visit their taproom.

And in addition to their IPAs, they also make incredible dark beers, like the Barrel-Aged Gonzo Imperial Porter or the Kujo Imperial Coffee Stout. The Gonzo (a tribute to Thompson), will smack you down with its richness. This pitch-black porter will treat your tastebuds with notes of vanilla, coffee, and dark chocolate. Follow it up with the brawny Kujo, dark and full of coffee flavors, with a just hint of plumb, anise, and banana. This thick and silky brew will make your trip.

In 2018, Flying Dog Brewery announced that they are hoping to join trendsetters around the continent this year in partnership with Green Leaf Medical Cannabis to release a THC-Infused Beer called Hop Chronic. They’re still working out the logistics, but this non-alcoholic IPA is hoped to be a way for those who don’t want to smoke or vape to be able to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of cannabis. Be sure to follow them on social media to stay in the know about updates on Hop Chronic and other goings-on at the brewery.

Want to learn more about pairing beer and cheese? What about beer and cigars? Are you wondering about the chemistry or is it beer etiquette that you’ve got on your mind? If you’re looking to take your beer-nerd status to the next level, be sure to enroll at Flying Dog University and take a class on these topics and many others.

…Why are you still sitting there? Go visit Flying Dog Brewery! Pay them a visit and snag a seat at their tasting room or plan ahead and reserve a spot on a free tour of their establishment. Grab some grub from The Roasthouse Pub food truck waiting outside, and shop online or on-site for their iconic merch, including a variety of Ralph Steadman inspired Tee’s, hoodies, hats and more.


4607 Wedgewood BLVD
Frederick, Maryland 21703


While you cannot currently find Flying Dog Brewery on a Baltimore Brew Tour, it is a brewery we highly recommend visiting if you are in the area!


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