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Tucked away in the Hampden-Woodberry area of Baltimore, Waverly Brewing Company was conceived over beer (let’s be honest, as most great ideas are) when some friends gathered to sample brewer Roy Fisher’s notable homebrews. The crew chatted about the complexities of flavors, the joy of crafting unique concoctions – and, of course, consuming it – so, amidst that camaraderie over beer, Waverly Brewing Company was born. Now, a 5bbl brewhouse with a handful of 5bbl fermenters and brite tanks, WBC is small batch brewing at its finest, handcrafting batches of up to 10 half kegs at a time. Head Brewer, Roy, has received many homebrewing awards both locally and nationally. His penchant for pairing unique ingredients and beer has garnered his reputation as a seriously epicurean yet delightfully whimsical brewer, which is why WBC’s beers strive to be honest and hard-working while remaining playful and experiential. WBC holds no allegiance to regional styles nor a particular flavor profile. They brew what they like to drink, and we’re sure glad they do! Our guides will take you through their 2,500-sqaure foot facility as you sample their innovative creations, unlike anything you’ve ever tasted. Whether you’re a seasoned craft beer veteran or a curious casual beer drinker looking for new taste adventures, you’ll find sanctuary at Waverly Brewing Company.


1625 Union Ave
Baltimore, MD 21211


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