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Andy – Beer Guide

Andy has been a professional enabler for 3 years now. He has been working in the tourism industry in Boston for nearly 10 years and has a background in theatre and education. Andy likes his beer strong, dark, and malty! In his off time, you can catch him hanging with Cletus the beagle and doing theatre shows in and around Boston.

Dan – Beer Guide

Brewer at Hopsters Custom Craft Brewery in Newton/Boston. Avid homebrewer of 6+ years. Homegrown hopper. Let’s talk beer!

Favorite Beer: Oktoberfest bier in Munich

Andrew – Beer Guide  Certified Cicerone

Andrew has been a beer guide with City Brew Tours since July 2016. He is also an actor, writer, and stand-up comic who just wants people to be happy and drink beer, which seems to go hand-in-hand. Andrew resides in Boston, MA with his lovely wife Alanna and he loves drinking whatever is the weirdest beer on tap, preferably cask-conditioned.

Favorite local beers: Night Shift Harborside, Lord Hobo Consolation Prize, Jack’s Abbey Fire in the Ham, and pretty much anything that’s on cask anywhere.

Mark – Beer Guide

Mark is a lifelong New Englander. He’s never lived more than 45min outside of Boston. (Why would anyone want to?) He loves beer geeks, but he can’t stand beer snobs. If there’s anything he likes more than drinking beer, it’s talking about it, but don’t ask him what his favorite one is. That changes with the season.

Aaron S – Beer Guide

Aaron is a former professional Brewer and Cidermaker who left brewing to pursue a masters. When he’s not studying, he is talking about beer, drinking beer or home brewing.

His favorite beer is always the next one. But he prefers if the next one comes from Slumbrew, Night Shift or Mystic.

Malcolm – Beer Guide

Malcolm recently completed a Ph.D. in the History of Beer and has been brewing his own beer for over 13 years. He loves to teach about, write about, and drink beer in Boston and around the world.

Some of his favorite beers: Night Shift’s Pearl, Lawson’s Sip of Sunshine, Trillium’s Dialed In, Russian River’s Pliny the Younger, and his first favorite: Chimay Blue

Derek – Beer Guide  

Derek is an energetic and excitable person before you even get him going about beer. This Jackson Hole, Wyoming native loves all things winter and can usually be found on the slopes whenever he isn’t leading groups to local breweries.

His favorite beers include: Day of Doom from Mystic Brewery, Orbital Elevator from Burlington Beer Company, and All That Is and All That Ever Will Be from Tree House Brewing Company.

Gabi – Beer Guide 

Gabi hails from Philadelphia by way of Burlington, VT where he discovered the wonders of beer. He won 1st place in American Ale in the Green Mountain Homebrewers Competition and is still bitter about getting 2nd place in Fruit Beer styles because his blood orange hefeweizen wasn’t red enough. Gabi is also a musician, music teacher, a Spanish speaker, and has two goofy dogs and a sweet little cat.

Favorite beers include: Hill Farmstead Edward, Fermentary Form’s Gestalt, Saison du Pont, and Tired Hands’ Hop Hands

Chase – Beer Guide

Chase is originally from Minnesota but recently made his way to Boston after a few years in Colorado where he earned his PhD in Chemistry. His scientific background has strengthened his passion for beer and the complex brewing process. If he is not giving tours, then he is hanging out with his 2 cats and 2 dogs. Chase can also likely be found hunting funky sour beers or the haziest IPAs in the local beer scene.

Favorite beers include: Whirlpool from Nightshift, Nitro Milk Stout from Lefthand, and La Folie from New Belgium.

Adrian – Beer Guide

Originally from El Paso, Texas, Adrian is a passionate musician and dog whisperer, frequently volunteering with Last Hope K9 rescue. When he’s not drinking beer at home, he’s having a beer at the movies! And he loves talking about the latest movie news and reviews. Adrian brews kombucha at home, with beer and cider soon to come! Adrian’s favorite beers according to the app Untapped include Stable 12’s Dayman, Fat Orange Cat’s Do The Escalator To The 13th Floor, and Dansk Mjød’s Viking Blod mead! But there’s a special place in his heart for anything from Belching Beaver Brewery or with Mosaic hops.

David – Beer Guide

David is a Boston local, former production brewer, and avid homebrewer. When off duty he can be found performing with a variety of improv comedy troupes and enjoying an IPA, crisp lager, or sour.

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