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No visit to Boston would be complete without a tour of the renowned Sam Adams Brewery. You can’t even think about craft beer without Sam Adams floating through your mind. You’re probably thinking about it right now. Okay, that’s because you’re reading about it. Good point.

Samuel Adams Brewery is located in Jamaica Plain, which prior to prohibition was to beer what Napa Valley is to wine – Arguably, THE place for major beer production. Our tour guides will help you discover Sam Adams’ vast history, the story behind the man himself – both the brewer and the patriot – and experience the brewing process firsthand, all while drinking in the flavors of its rich heritage where you’ll get to sample their specialty malts and breathe in the aromas of whole leaf noble hops. This is a ‘social studies’ class you won’t want to miss!

Trips to the Samuel Adams Brewery are included in the Original Brew Tour, the Sip of Boston Brew Tour, and in our Customized Brewery Tours.


30 Germania St
Boston, MA 02130


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