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Bantam Cider was born from a proud family tradition of winemaking and a desire to be part of a creative process rooted in the local community. They handpick the highest quality local fruit and ingredients that reflect their deep heritage, all brewed on site at their cider house in Somerville, Massachusetts. Bantam is a small enterprise but boasts big time flavors (Bantam ˈban(t)əm/: Small but mighty). Are you a fan of Saisons or smoked beers?  How about hoppy brews?  Why would we ask such strange questions when referring to a cider producer?  The reason being is Bantam isn’t your typical cider house.  Bantam’s modern cider making tecniques are considered avant guard in the old school cider industry. It’s not enough to just press and ferment fresh apples, but the founders of Bantam believe cider should also be barrel age, smoked, fermented with a beer yeast, blended with other fruits, you get the point!


40 Merriam St, Somerville, MA 02143


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