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Located in picturesque Burlington, Vermont, Switchback Brewing Company was founded in 2002 by a formally trained master brewer (Bill Cherry) and man’s best friend (his dog). The vision was to focus their limited resources into making just a few beers to achieve the highest quality possible. (You remember what your mom taught you, right? Do one thing and do it well.) The resounding success of their flagship beer, Switchback Ale, which was the only ale they made for the first ten years – and is the #1 beer by draft in all of Vermont – set a course for continual expansion over the next seven years and made the release of three Special beers, Roasted Red Ale, Porter, and Slow-Fermented Brown Ale possible. Now, Switchback is doing many things well and their premium craft beers are currently distributed in Vermont, New Hampshire and in the upstate area of Albany, New York. Our tour will show you the meticulous concentration that went into brewing a world class craft ale as we guide you through the facility and meet one of Switchback’s many knowledgeable brewers.


160 Flynn Ave
Burlington, VT 05406


Classic Brew Tour, Pub Crawl Brew Tour


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