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Messorem is a project created on paper by Marc-André Filion, Sébastien Chaput and Vincent Ménard. Each member has distinct strengths that together can be linked with the creation of a brewing company, a passion that has inhabited them for several years. For them, Messorem Bracitorium is the bridge to gap their hobby (microbrewery beer) and everyday work with friends.

Messorem Bracitorium is a microbrewery that uses the best ingredients found on the market. The primary goal is to create beers that we would want to drink that meet our personal tastes and criteria. The taste, texture in the mouth, and the appearance of our beers are very precise and specific.  What you see, what you drink at Messorem is exactly the result that beer had to have. We specialize in taticent or sour-type hopbeers, to employ English terms.

2233 Rue Pitt, Montréal, Qc H4E 4H2

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