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Top 10 most epic bachelor party activities in Montreal

Ready to tie the knot? Or not quite yet, but a friend of yours is about to say “I do!” and you want him to remember his last boys’ night out forever?  We’ve got the best places in Montréal lined up for you to make you want to say “yes” to adventure! Whether you’re into […]

A List of the Top 15 Team Building Fun Activities

The average person will spend 90 000 hours working over the course of their life. Incidentally, this means that the average person will spend more time with their coworkers than with their partner or kids. Just like family members, coworkers do not get to choose each other, but they do get to work on their […]

The South-West Montreal, destination for craft enthusiasts?

The South-west of Montreal is the top-hop paradise for double dry-happy beer enthusiasts ! «It’s always been a part of town we enjoyed do tours in, with so many history behind neighborhoods and historical buildings. Now you can smell the whiff of yeast from the breweries in between dust from jackhammering, digging and bulldozing new condos, Ha-Ha!» […]

*New Brewery Affiliate Alert*

16,600 square feet of shiny stainless vessels and a «top-notch» taproom just opened for you and us! The duo has moved from contract brewing in Oshlag facilities to establish their own brewery in the same building. The 16,600 square feet once Bingo Hochelaga is now Avant-Garde and open to the beer enthusiasm! Shawn & Renaud […]

+11 Well worth & Fun Things To Do In Montreal

FOOD AND DRINKS. Indulging the summer sun and thirsty? Why don’t you take a Montréal tour of its breweries? City Brew Tours provides the only round-trip tour of local craft brewery. Don’t be disappointed taking part of one of these touristy tour of bars. Try local brews and enjoy VIP access that you wouldn’t get […]

Best Things To Do For a Bachelor Party in Montréal

Ready to tie the knot? Or not quite yet… but a friend of yours is about to say ‘’I do!’’… and you want him to remember his last boys-night for ever! Let’s be honest, Montréal is THE place to go ‘’I do’’. Whether you’re into sports, drinks or arts… there are some places in town […]

What To Know About Montreal

Planning a trip to Montreal? A stay-over or a stay-longer? Here are a few things you should know before you pack your bag and book your stay!     Commuting It is allowed everywhere in Canada and the United States, except in New York and on the Island of Montreal, and with the exception of […]